War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1142 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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upon Major-General Pemberton, commanding Military Department of South Carolina and Georgia, who in compliance with my instructions on that point issued to brigadier Gen. A. R. Lawton, commanding District of Georgia, Special Orders, No. 61, a copy of which I inclose. Agreeably to said order I prepared a list of enrolling officers and their assistants for each Congressional district for the approval of General Lawton, who caused the same to be detailed and to report to me for instructions. And in conformity with the last clause of the said Order No. 61 I have instructed each district enrolling officer to employ not exceeding two competent conscripts to perform the enrolling duty under his direction and in accordance with instructions contained in my General Order, No. 1, dated Savannah, May 31, 1862. I have also had printed in pamphlet form for the use if the enrolling and sub-enrolling officers the conscript act, General Orders, No. 30, and such other orders as are explanatory of the same, together with my General Orders, Nos. 1 and 2, copies of which you will also find under this cover. * The district enrolling officers have entered upon the discharge of their duties and are appointing sub-enrollers in each county, who will be furnished with the necessary documents and instructions. The sub-enrolling officers will immediately commence enrolling and forwarding the conscripts to camp of instruction No. 1, Camp Randolph, which, after due examination and a thorough investigation of all the connecting circumstances, I have located on the Western and Atlantic Railroad at Calhoun, Gordon County, in the upper part of the States.

It is my opinion that during the next ten days there will be assembled at camp about 6,000 troops organized into regiments, battalion, and companies, consisting of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, most of which are entirely unarmed and organized under many irregularities not strictly in accordance with authority and regulations. I shall report more fully the special organization, &c., of each after they are established at camp. I am of the opinion that the number of conscripts in the State will not exceed 5,000 or 6,000, which is not near enough to fill out the skeleton regiments already in the field. The authorities granted to individuals to organize regiments, &c., and the various constructions placed by them upon the decisions of the Department regarding their power to continue to enlist volunteers will greatly diminish the number of conscripts, and will thereby frustrate in a measure the main object of the act, viz, the filling up of skeleton regiments already in the field. I shall decide, and shall so instruct my enrolling officers, that all volunteering and all claiming of bounty must forthwith cease, except such as in done in accordance with Article III, sections 8 and 9, of regulations, entitled "Volunteers for existing corps," to which I beg to call your special attention. This is my construction of the above-named article, based upon the reading of the article itself and upon decisions and orders since issued by the Department. I have selected and appointed my quartermaster, my commissary, and mu adjutant, whom I desire to be commissioned without delay. The name of my quartermaster is J. Milton Moore, of Kentucky, formerly acting assistant quartermaster of the Department of the West, under Major R. Stevenson, quartermaster; the name of my commissary is William B. Davison, of Augusta, Ga. Each of them will shortly forward a bond for your approval. The name of my


* Not found as inclosures.