War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1130 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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have reached me from Richmond, purporting as having been recognized by Secretary, soliciting position and pressing the selection of camp No. 2. I shall, in accordance with my understanding of instructions, await the obvious necessity of such a camp before I shall recommend its establishment. I have an eye toward quartermaster's and commissary arrangements to be in operation so soon as necessity requires. I have also communicated with medical director as to hospital arrangements for camp. There are other points to which I would call your attention and request your opinions. The multiplicity or permissions granted to individuals to organize regiments, battalions, and companies has in effect destroyed the main feature of the conscript act - the enrollment of men to fill up regiments now in the field, increasing them up to the maximum number allowed in said act, most of the conscripts having joined these new organizations, most of which are or up to the maximum number. Can this evil be remedied by disbanding weak regiments in field, retaining the enlisted men to fill up others, or can you get rid of some of the officers of these new organizations? I find many regiments, battalions, and companies - some at Camp McDonald, Camp Stephens, and other points mostly full - some organized, some partially so. According to my instructions I shall shortly issue orders calling upon the commanding officers of all such regiments, battalions, and companies not otherwise ordered by the Department to repair to my camp of instruction, reporting their true condition. The same among them irregularities in organization not in full compliance with their authority limited by Article IV, sections 10 and 11, how am I to regard said organization, and what is to be done with their officers? The instructions are clear as to such as are not fully enrolled up to date - 17th of May. Article X, on substitutes, clearly sets forth that a conscript desiring to furnish "a substitute shall report himself with said substitute at camp of instruction," &c., there to be enrolled. Many of these new companies up since the passage of the conscript act have enrolled many substitutes, in some as high as twenty or more, the captain giving certificates to the subject of conscription, who are now in their respective counties at home. How shall I instruct the enrolling officer? Are these men subject, or must said captains' receipts, pointing out where the substitute is to be found, be received by enrolling officer, and he be authorized to pass by the conscript? The colonels elect of the new regiments now organized and not under orders from the Department will rank me. How shall that matter be considered? My address for the present will Marietta, Cobb County, Ga.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.


Richmond, May 27, 1862.

His Excellency JEFF. DAVIS,

President of Confederate States of America:

SIR: I respectfully report that a telegraphic dispatch has just been received by this Department from F. H. Hatch, at Mobile, stating that by order of General Beauregard of the 25th, General Forney, commander of the department, has seized $100,000 in gold coin of the