War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1129 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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to all the States; nevertheless,. considering the existence of the times, while I felt constrained by my obligations under the Constitution not officially to aid in its execution, I determined to throw no obstacles in the way of its being carried out in Georgia further than might become absolutely necessary to preserve intact the State government in all its departments, civil and military. Hence I addressed a letter to the President and to yourself claiming exemption from the operation of the act of all State officers in Georgia, civil and military. Without the officers of the militia it is impossible to maintain the internal State police regulations absolutely necessary to the safety of the people. Hence it would have been impossible for me to have consented to the enrollment of the State officers of the militia, and if insisted upon conflict must have been the inevitable result. Your assurance that no State officer will be enrolled leaves no further reason to apprehended any such misfortune.

I am, very truly, &c.,


MILLEDGEVILLE, May 26, 1862.


SIR: I have the honor to report that in accordance with instructions received at Richmond May 16, 1862, from the Secretary of War, I called upon the Governor of Georgia for permission to employ officers to enroll recruits under General Orders, No. 30. I found the Governor pleasant and conciliatory, although form and determined in his preconceived views of action with reference to conscript act. He assures me he will not interfere with its execution in the State when not conflicting with his views. He absolutely refuses to give any State aid in the enrolment. Further than the act of exemptions designates, he desires to screen no one from enrolment, excepting a company of some 125 men organized as a guard of bridges, &c., on State road, the Confederate Government not having detailed troops for that duty on this State. He further, in accordance ers, No. 8, a printed copy of which I inclose,* pointedly orders militia officers not to enroll themselves as conscripts, but to continue in service as officers of the militia of the State by Article VI. He discards all officers of militia whose place was been vacated for any cause whatever, and shall fill said vacancies only by elections. The Governor places great stress on the necessity of his militia organization; that he must and shall maintain it by protecting all such officers as may be liable to conscription. Am I to be allowed to use any discretion, or shall I order enrolling officers to bring the issue directly up? Please give me written instructions of this point. The Governor distinctly stated that should I proceed to have enrolled said militia officers any personal feeling, but acting as he considered in accordance with his sense of duty as Governor of the State of Georgia in defending her constitutional rights and interests.

I shall proceed immediately to Savannah and move General Lawton as fast as circumstances will admit to furnish me with officers for enrolling in the respective counties. I have not yet fully determined the location of camp No. 1; shall be guided by my instructions and Article II, section 3, referring to that subject. Communications


* Not found as an inclosure.