War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1127 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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SEC. 3. The findings of any such court shall be promptly transmitted to the Secretary of War by the commanding officer, together with his approval or disapproval thereof, and shall be reported to Congress at the next session thereafter, by the said Secretary.

Approved April 21, 1862.

II. Commanding generals will issue the necessary orders to carry into execution the above act.

III. Each battalion of sharpshooters organized under the act of April 21, 1862 (see General Orders, No. 34), will be composed of soldiers from the same State; those from different States will not be organized in the same battalion of sharpshooters.

Iv. Citizens of Mrm of service in the C. S. Army has expired are entitled to a discharge, and upon proper evidence being furnished their regimental commanders will order their discharge.

V. By General Orders, No. 37, foreigners who have not acquired domicile are exempt from service in the C. S. Army; and all such foreigners as may have enlisted in said service should be discharged by order of their brigade commanders when their term of enlistment is at an end. The question of domicile or permanent residence is, however, a question of law, and should be determined from the facts of the case and not by the opinion or oath of the part.

* * * * * * *

By command of the Secretary of War:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

RICHMOND, May 23, 1862.


Secretary of War, Richmond:

SIR: I respectfully beg leave to submit to you that the supplies of this department are totally inadequate to fill the requisitions made upon it. It has been formally reported to me to-day that requisitions representing the complete outfit of 40,000 [men] are necessarily unfilled, of course greatly to the dissatisfaction of the troops. The deficiency in quartermaster's stores has been occasioned in a great measure by the interference of the conscription act with the arrangements of the manufactures with whom contacts have been made. Under its operations they have been deprived of the service of their employees to such an extent that they have been rendered incapable of complying with the contracts made with this department for a continued supply of various articles absolutely essential for issue to the Army. This interference with the sources from which supplies have been issued from the depots. In this condition of things I deem it my duty to place on record this statement of facts, and to urge very respectfully that the requisite number of men may be discharged or detailed to enable the various contractors with the department to fulfill their obligations and thus furnish those supplies which are absolutely necessary for issue to the Army. Unless this done the inability to fill requisitions for the different species of quartermaster's stores must be indefinitely continued, and the resources of the country cannot be made available for the imperative requirements of the service.