War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1099 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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13. All regiments, battalions, squadrons, and companies of twelve-months' volunteers will reorganize within forty days from the 16th of April, by electing all their officers which they had a right heretofore to elect, and on such days as the brigade commander may prescribe; and the said brigade commanders are hereby ordered to fix and announce the day for such reorganization as soon as practicable. No person who is to be discharged under the provisions of the act will take part in such election.

14. The form of holding and certifying the elections will be conforming with the laws of the State from which the men, or the major part thereof, may come; and when the election of field officers is to be made by company officers the latter will be first elected. All certificates of election will be returned to the Adjutant-Generals Office and the officers will be commissioned by the President. They will, however, on receiving a copy of the certificate of election immediately enter upon duty. Officers not re-elected will be relieved from duty and the brigade commander will return their names to the Department.


15. Corps raised for local defense will retain their organization during the term of such enlistment unless previously disbanded, but members of such corps may volunteer into corps for general service, as herein above provided.


16. When any company now in service for twelve months shall, before the 16th day of July next, attain the maximum numbers prescribed by this act, without including the men under eighteen and over thirty-five years of age, all such men may be discharged, and such of them as remain in service on the said day will, upon their application, be then discharged, whether such maximum be attained or not.


17. The right to change company or corps in virtue of re-enlistment ceases to exist by the repeal of all laws in regard to re-enlistment, but transfers of individuals or of companies may be made, as heretofore, within the discretion of the Department, on applications approved by commanding officers.


18. When any person liable to military duty under this act, but not yet mustered into service in any company, desires to furnish a substitute, he shall report himself, with the substitute, to the commandant of a camp of instruction, and if the substitute be lawfully exempt from military duty, and on examination by a surgeon or assistant surgeon be pronounced sound and in all respects fit for military service, he may be accepted and enrolled, and the person furnishing such substitute may be discharge by the commandant of the camp. But no substitute shall be entitled to transportation or other allowance at the expense of the Government until so accepted and enrolled.