War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1097 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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SEC. 13. Be it further enacted, That all persons, subject to enrollment, who are not now in the service, under the provisions of this act, shall be permitted, previous to such enrollment, to volunteer in companies now in the service.

Approved April 16, 1862.


1. An officer not below the rank of major will be detailed for each State to take charge of the enrollment, mustering in, subsistence, transportation, and disposition of the recruits raised under the above act.

2. Application will be made immediately to the Governors of the several States for permission to employ State officers for said enrollment; and in case such permission be not granted, officers of the Army will be selected by the Department to perform that duty, under such regulations as may be prescribed. Where State officers are employed the regulations of the respective States in regard to military enrollment will be observed as far as applicable.

3. The enrolled men in each State will be collected in camps of instruction by the officers in command of the recruits, the said camps to be selected with reference to health and the facilities for obtaining subsistence and transportation. The number of these camps shall not exceed two in each State, without authority from the Department; and to each will be allowed a quartermaster and a commissary.

4. The commandants of the camps of instruction in the several States will can upon the generals commanding the military departments in which their camps may be situated for competent drill officers to instruct the recruits, and will prepare them for the field as rapidly as possible. They will cause them to be promptly vaccinated, and in ordering them to the field will, as far as practicable, prefer those who have passed through the usual camp diseases. They will establish hospitals in connection with their camps, and make requisition for such medical attendance stores as may be required.

5. The commandants of regiments, battalions, squadrons, and unattached companies in service on the 16th instant will send copies of their muster-rolls to the commandant of the proper camp of instruction in their respective States, with officers to take charge of such recruits as may be furnished to said corps. The said commandants will apportion the recruits among such corps in proportion to the deficiency of each, except when otherwise specially directed by the Department, allotting as far as practicable to each such corps the men from the regions of country in which it has been raised. They will from time to time send off such of recruits as are ready for the field, and will report on the first Monday of every month to the Department the number of recruits in camp, their condition, the number sent off during the month, and the regiments and corps to which they were sent.

6. The commandants of regiments and corps will distribute the recruits among their several companies; and in such as have not the number of companies allowed by law to a regiment, the said commandants may organize the required number of new companies, after first filling up the existing to the minimum numbers required by laws; that is to say, for each company of infantry, sixty-four privates; of cavalry, sixty privates; of artillery, seventy privates.

7. The recruits will be apportioned among the several arms of service according to their respective wants, consulting as far as practicable the preference of the men. Where a greater number offer for a particular arm than can be assigned to it, the distribution will be