War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1093 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Richmond, April 26, 1862.

I. The following regulations concerning substitutes in the Army are published by direction of he Secretary of War:

1. Any non-commissioned officer or soldier not indebted to the Government who wishes to procure a substitute may obtain from his captain a permit for the proposed substitute to report himself at the camp of the company for examination, and such permit shall operate as a passport, but shall not entitle the holder to transportation at the expense of the Government.

2. If the substitute be exempt from military duty, and on examination by a surgeon or assistant surgeon of the Army be pronounced sound and in all respects fit for military service, he shall be enrolled and mustered into service for three years, unless the war sooner terminate; and the non-commissioned office or soldier procuring him shall thereupon be discharged, but shall not be entitled to transportation at the expense of the Government.

3. If a non-commissioned officer or soldiers discharged by reason of a substitute be indebted to the Government the officer granting the discharge shall be liable for the debt.

4. All pay and allowance due to the non-commissioned officer or soldier discharged shall go to the substitute at the next pay-day.

5. Substitution shall not exceed one per month in each company, and shall be noted in the next morning report, muster-roll, and monthly return.

II. When any person liable to military duty under the act of Congress, but not mustered into service in any company, desires to furnish a substitute he shall report himself with the substitute to the commandant of a camp of instruction for recruits raised under the said act; and if the substitute be lawfully exempt from military duty and on examination by a surgeon or assistant surgeon be pronounced sound and in all respects fit for military service he may be accepted and enrolled, and person furnishing such substitute may be discharged by the commandant of the camp. But no substitute shall be entitled to transportation or other allowance at the expense of the Government until so accepted and enrolled.

III. On the reorganization of new companies from companies already in service and the election consequent thereon of officers according to existing laws, the commissions of such of the officers of former companies as may not be re-elected will necessarily expire and they will cease to be in service from the date of reorganization and election.

By command of the Secretary of War:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Jackson, Miss., April 26, 1862.


Secretary of War:

SIR: I have ordered an enrollment of all men subject to the conscription act. As the law prescribes no mode of putting it in operation, I have adopted this mode as the most expeditious; and as General Beauregard has called on me for 3,000 recruits to fill up the companies under his command, I have issued a proclamation calling for that number of volunteers, believing that I can place them in the companies before the enrollment can be made. You will please give me all the information necessary to put the [law] in full operation as soon as possible. Say to the President that he may rely on Mississippi to the last man.