War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1073 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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RICHMOND, VA., April 18, 1862.

Governor BROWN, of Georgia,

Savannah, Ga.:

My object was to avoid an immediate organization, so that the State troops should remain in their defense of Savannah. If the plan adopted effects I would not disturb it under existing circumstances.


Resolved by the Senate of the Confederate States of America, That the President is hereby respectfully requested to instruct the commissioners from this Government to Herr Britannic Majesty, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the French, and Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, to propose to them the following terms for a treaty of amity and commerce between the said Governments and the Government of the Confederate States:

First. That the Governments of Great Britain, France, and Spain shall declare the inefficiency and consequent illegality of the blockade of the ports in the Confederate States by the Government of the United States, and that they maintain in our waters during the war with the United States a sufficient number of war vessels, in connection with the navy of the Confederate States, to enforce the declaration and effectually raise the blockade

Second. That the Governments of Great Britain, France, and Spain shall supply and transport to the Confederate Government such arms, ammunition, and munitions of war as may be needed in the prosecution of the war with the United States, the Government of the Confederate States paying thereof the market value of the articles so furnished; and that in any treaty of peace hereafter to be entered into between the Confederate States and the United States the decision of all questions in said treaty in regard to boundaries shall be under the sole and exclusive judgment and control of the Confederate States.

Third. That the President be authorized to offer to the Governments of Great Britain, France, and Spain such discriminations in favor of British, French, and Spanish commerce and navigation, foreign and may find to be necessary to secure the aid and co-operation of the British, French, and Spanish Governments for the purposes aforesaid, and which shall be in accordance with the true interest of the Confederate States.

Fourth. The treaty, when made according to the foregoing terms, to continue of force for- years, after which time either party may annual the same, having given twelve months's notice of such intention.,

Agreed to by the Senate of the Confederate States of America April 18, 1862.



AN ACT to aid in the construction of a certain line of railroad in one States of Louisiana and Texas.

Whereas, the Confederate States are engaged in actual war, and the President has recommended, for military reasons, the construction