War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1066 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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sergeant. Such on-commissioned officer will have charge of all the surplus ordnance stores of the regiment, and will make returns of the same to the Ordnance Bureau. The arms and accouterments of the sick and disabled of the regiment will be turned over to and be accounted for by him. He will exercise supervision over the arms and ammunition in the hands of the men, and report any waste or damage to the division ordnance officer through the colonel of the regiment. All such appointments will be reported through the general headquarters to the Chief of the Ordnance Bureau.

VI. The chief of ordnance of an army will require reports monthly or oftener from division ordnance officers, and will be responsible for the supply of ordnance and ordnance stores with the army to which he is attached.

VII. The division ordnance officers will make reports monthly or oftener if required to the chief of ordnance of the army to which the division belongs. They will be responsible for all ordnance stores with the division-not in the hands of troops-and make returns thereof to the Bureau of Ordnance.

VIII. Chiefs of ordnance of armies and all ordnance officers in the field are attached to the staffs of their respective commands, but will nevertheless conform to such orders and instructions received from the Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance in relation to the execution of their appropriate duties as do not interfere with the orders of the commanding officers in the field.

IX. It is especially enjoined on all officers of ordnance to prevent waste of small-arms and field ammunition in the hands of troops, and to cause unserviceable ammunition to be sent off to the nearest ordnance depot. Arms, accouterments, and equipments which cannot be repaired in the field will in like be forwarded for immediate repairs.

X. Ordnance officers serving on the staff of generals commanding will not enter into contracts for or purchase ordnance supplies except in case of necessity on the authority of the general, which must be attached to the contract, or account for such purchase. The exigency requiring the contract or purchase will also be stated therein. By command of the Secretary of War:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Richmond, April 16, 1862.



SIR: Your letter of the 15th instant has been received. In pursuance of the act of Congress the sum of $150,000 will be paid to the president of the Alabama and Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company for the purpose of completing the railroad connection between Selma, in Alabama, and Meridian, in Mississippi. When a mortgage on the road and its appurtenances shall have been recorded and satisfactory personal security given for the proper application of the money, the agent of the Government, Mr. Gaines, must report on the sufficiency of both.



Secretary of War.