War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1065 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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that this is the Government depot for Northern Texas. I so understood it myself, but as the Government has sent no quartermaster or commissary, nor given any special instructions on this head, I can only say to applicants I have no authority on this head. It would, however, be a great saving to the Government and a great convenience to the military of the State to have this a depot for general supplies and payment of Government debts, &c. Please give me special instructions in this head. May I muster in two or three artillery companies for the war? Am I authorized to employ drill-masters not in the service for companies or regiment in camp? I have employed one, and told him I thought the Government would allow him the pay of lieutenants of infantry. His service are very essential to the drilling of the company under his charge, there being no one capable of performing this duty among them. I hope you will give Lieutenant Stratton all the dispatch possible, as I shall be sadly embarrassed until his return.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General, Provisional Army, C. S.

P. S. - I have informed Lieutenant Stratton that he wold be allowed transportation going and coming. As I have means of advancing it I hope the Government at Richmond will furnish it. The clerk, in copying the foregoing, signed my name inadvertently. I recognize it, however, as mine.


Assistant Adjutant-General, Provisional Army, C. S.



Richmond, April 16, 1862.

I. All officers assigned to ordnance duty with troops in the field will be reported to the Adjutant and Inspector General of the Army, and will report by letter to the Chief of the Ordnance Bureau in Richmond.

II. Every general in command of an army corps will, if no officer is assigned to his army for the purpose, designate an officer for ordnance duty as chief of ordnance of that army, who shall while on such duty, if of inferior grade in the Confederate Army, be entitled to the rank and pay of a major of artillery.

III. Every major-general in command of a division or brigadier-general whose brigade constitutes a separate command will under like circumstances a designate an officer for ordnance duty as division ordnance officer (or brigade ordnance officer, if the brigade constitutes a separate command), who shall if a subaltern in the Confederate Army, have the rank and pay of a captain of artillery.

IV. Officers so appointed shall be selected on account of fitness for ordnance duties and shall be considered as attached to the Ordnance Bureau, and will not be changed except by authority obtained from the headquarters of the Army through the Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance.

V. Every commanding officer of a regiment will select from the non-commissioned officers of the regiment the one best qualified for the duty of ordnance sergeant, and will appoint him acting ordnance