War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1064 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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not one of which have I received any reply. This must be owing to some defect in the mains. It has now been two months and a half since I left Richmond under special orders, the 3d of February, to raise five regiments of infantry for the war. I fear I shall be tedious, but it is necessary that I would write as if none of my letters have reached the Department, for I have no assurance that they have. I was assured by the War Department that after that period no other commissions would be given to any one to raise mounted troops in Texas, and none would be received for a shorter term than three years or the war. As soon as I reached the district assigned to me in which I was to raise the regiments I issued my circular and commenced a personal travel through the different counties to effect my object. Right upon my heels came the circulars and addresses of at least half a dozen gentlemen, calling for cavalry for twelve months, and stating they had the authority of the Government for so calling, and this in the very district assigned to me for infantry. Some have organized without pretense of authority from the Government. Eleven companies are at this moment over at this moment over at Washita, in the Indian Territory, forty miles north of this, and are to elect their field officers-to-morrow all cavalry, recruited in this and adjoining counties for twelve months. To mention other regiments, T. M. Johnson has raised three, Colonel Darnell one, Colonel Burford one, Colonel Clark one, Colonel De Morse one, nearly ready, &c. There are several raising battalions, and some recruiting for companies in the field, with only a few months unexpired term. These several calls being for shorter terms, and all cavalry, are greatly perfected, and while I have to complete with them I can make but slow progress with infantry for the war, and it is on this account only I now refer to these matters. Up to this time two companies only have reported; some half dozen others, I am informed, will be on in a few days, and here another difficulty meets me. The Government as yet has neither sent me a quartermaster nor commissary, both of which were promised in my orders of the 3d of February. The Quartermaster-General in Richmond informed me he had appointed Travis G. Wright, of Lamar County, quartermaster of the depot by me to be established, and I supposed had, but when I called on Mr. Wright he knew nothing about it. Having no information of the appointment of a commissary, circumstances compelled me to nominate one myself, and Mr. John W. Fraley, perhaps the very best man in North Texas, has been acting, and through his exertions I have been able on the credit of the Government to provide for the immediate support of the companies reported, and of those also who will be along in a few days. The quartermaster's purchase I have been compelled for a like reason to intrust to special agents. You will at once appreciate the difficulty of my position, and I trust to your prompt action to relieve it. I ask that the Government will at once send to Mr. Wright his appointment as quartermaster, and to Mr. Fraley, if they approve my appointment, his as commissary - I will see that they will file the necessary bond- and I ask further that you furnish me at least with money enough to pay the bounty and commutation of clothing on his enlistment. Without the promise of this I cannot get a man. I hope you will send this money with whatever sum besides you assign for the quartermaster's and commissary departments by Lieutenant Stratton. The Government credit has been strained through this section until prices have nearly doubled. I am applied to constantly to muster into service and provide an outfit for cavalry regiments enlisted for the war. It is generally understood