War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1049 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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In order to hasten the important work you will proceed to the line of the road and confer with the president and directors of the Alabama and Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company, and ascertain their views, plans, and prospects in regard to an early completion of their road. You will examine and supervise the work, and urge an early completion of the road; afford any aid you can in enabling the company to procure the necessary labor and materials, and in directing the proper application thereof; advise with the officers of the company on all matters connected with the early completion of the road; see that the proper arrangements are made by which to unite, upon terms not embarrassing or expensive to the Government, the two interests in the road, so as to secure through transportation without a change of cars. You will also see that proper arrangements are made and suitable rolling-stock provided for the transportation over the road of troops, munitions of war, provisions, and passengers, and that suitable arrangements are made for crossing the Tombigbee River until the company shall construct a bridge across the river. You will report the progress of the work from time to time, with y our opinion as to when the route will be completed. It has been suggested that apart of the iron necessary to complete the road from Reagan to Meridian is in New Orleans, and that some difficulty has existed in regard to its transportation to Meridian, growing out of the fact that the New Orleans and Jackson Railroad is in the employment of the Government. Instructions will be given authorizing its transportation over the road at the expense of the company. You will receive the compensation of a captain of engineers while in the employment of the Government.


Secretary of War.



OFFICE, No. 20.

Richmond, April 5, 1862.

I. From this date no authority will be granted by this Department to raise new companies, battalions, or regiments, except upon application approved by the general commanding the military department in which the service of such corps are specially required and by the Governor of the State in which it is proposed to raise the corps, if the quota of such State has not been already mustered into service.

* * * * *

By order of the Secretary of War:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Richmond, April 7, 862.


President, &c.:

SIR: I have the honor to submit a communication from Major Ruffin, of the Commissary Department, addressed to the Commissary-General, and forwarded by him to this Department. * It sets forth the


*Not found.