War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1047 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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position which will be made of the arms. I have no wish to withdraw the arms from the service at this critical period of our history, but as Georgia will continue to have in the field a large force, and as the arms belonging to her are mostly of a superior quality, I am unwilling that they should be thrown into the Confederate arsenals and distributed to the troops of other States and inferior arms placed in the hands of new levies of troops from Georgia. I ask, therefore, that the Georgia troops, whose terms of service expires during the war, be permitted to return with their arms to the State, where they could be placed in the hands of other troops and sent to the field.

Of course I should expect all the twelve-months' troops who re-enlisted to retain their arms. If the arms which belong to the State are returned to her as the term of service of her volunteers expires she will have no difficulty in filling all just requisitions which may in future be made upon her for her quota of men. If I have not mistaken your character you belong to that class of statesmen known as States rights men. I cannot, therefore, doubt what will be your decision of this question.

In conclusion permit me to congratulate you upon your recent appointment to the distinguished position which you now fill and to express the hope that you may be eminently successful in the administration of the most important department of the Government. As the Executive of Georgia I beg leave to assure you of my most earnest desire to render you all the assistance in my power, and of my intention to exert all my energy for the promotion of that harmonious concord which secures the rights of the States and advances the best interest of the Confederacy. Hoping that we may yet be able to drive the invader from every foot of our territory and to establish our independence upon a firm basis,

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


[APRIL 3, 1862. -For Clark to Davis, in relation to the organization of troops in North Carolina, see series I, VOL. LI, Part II, p. 528.]

[APRIL 3, 1862. -For Hebert to Cooper, in relation to the reorganization of twelve-months' men in Texas, see Series I, VOL. LIII, p. 799.]


Richmond, April 4, 1862.


Governor of Alabama, Montgomery, Ala.:

SIR: Your telegram of the 2d instant has been received. In reply I have the honor to inform you that measures have been taken to supply Major Calhoun with funds to pay bounty, and the money is now probably on the way to him. I think you may safely advance to him $100,000, to be replaced in a fortnight.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.