War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1044 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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With the money I could now buy at this place a very large amount of fine bacon and wheat and corn almost without limit, and it seems to me that the quartermaster to be stationed here-for at this place I have under my orders of the 3d of February established the principal depot-would save a great deal of money to the Government to buy largely and provide the army in Arkansas and north of us, instead of trusting the purchases to an irresponsible agent, who gives no bond and who acts only under an appointment given by any one of the brigadier-generals, as is now the case. If a strict inquiry was made into the Army purchases and contracts in the West, it would be found that the Government has been greatly imposed on. I hope you will excuse this long letter. I feel a deep interest not only in my country's welfare, but in the success of your Administration, and both are deeply concerned in knowing anything that is amiss in the machinery of the Government. This and a desire not to be blamed for want of success in a matter over which I have lost the control, promised to me by the War Department, are my excuses; and you are somewhat to blame yourself for the infliction, for the last word you spoke to me was to write to you as occasion required.

I am, as ever, most truly, yours,


[First indorsement.]

Acknowledge friendly and refer to the War Department for special attention.

J. D.

[Second indorsement.]

The writer is probably the person to whom Governor Lubbock referred in a late letter complaining of such authority. We were unable to find a record in the Department of authority to raise five regiments, and there is no record of the promise which the writer says he received from the Secretary of War that no other persons should be authorized to raise cavalry in Texas.


[Third indorsement.]


The authority is in your office. Was there any promise to appoint staff before muster-rolls were returned?

G. W. R.

[Fourth indorsement.]

MAY 21, 1862.

Respectfully returned to Secretary of War. None.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

[Fifth indorsement.]

No staff officers can be appointed until muster-rolls are received.

A. T. B.

AN ACT to fix the compensation of the President of the Confederate States.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the President shall receive for his services during his term of office, an