War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1030 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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AN ACT to authorize the organization of ten or more companies of rangers, passed March 27, 1862.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Governor of this Commonwealth be, and he is hereby, authorized to commission ten or more captains, and not exceeding twenty, and twenty or more lieutenants, and not exceeding forty, citizens of the counties in this Commonwealth now in possession of the enemy, with authority to raise ten or more companies, and not exceeding twenty, of 100 men each, to be composed exclusively of men whose homes are in the districts overrun by the public enemy, within the limits of said counties, who shall enlist for twelve months in the service of this Commonwealth to act as rangers and scouts on our exposed frontier near the lines of the enemy, and in that part of the State overrun by the armies of the enemy, with the view of cutting off their marauding and foraging parties and giving protection to the loyal citizens of the State. Whenever either of said captains and two of said lieutenants, to be commissioned first and second lieutenants, shall enlist seventy-five men, they shall be organized into a company, and the captain shall make report thereof with a list or enrollment of his men, with the names of four sergeants and four corporals (to be appointed by him), to the adjutant-general, who shall furnish the said company with such arms and ammunition as can be procured. When four of said companies shall be organized the officers thereof shall elect a major; when is shall be organized the officers thereof shall elect a lieutenant-colonel; when ten shall be organized the officers thereof shall elect a colonel. The officers so elected shall be commissioned by the Governor as major, lieutenant-colonel, and colonel of said rangers and scouts; and the said officers and privates shall receive the same pay as is allowed to the privates and officers of the infantry by the Confederate States from the return of the list and enrollment of said company to the adjutant-general and the time they shall be armed and equipped for and engaged in active service.

SEC. 2. The said officers and rangers shall be under the command of the Governor, and shall conform their operations to the usages of civilized warfare, provided the enemy on their part shall conduct the war according to the usages of civilized war. The commandants of companies shall report their operations to the officer in command, who shall report thereon to the Governor.

SEC. 3. The said companies shall be placed in such positions along our northern, western, and northwestern frontier from which they can give the greatest annoyance to the enemy and protection to our loyal citizens, in such detached parties of one or more companies, or part of a company, as will most promote the public interest.

SEC. 4. Whenever the said rangers shall be in the neighborhood of a Confederate army they shall be subject to the orders of the commandant of the same, and shall always co-operate with the movements of said army when ordered to do so: Provided, however, That the provisions of this act shall not impair or interfere with the laws providing for the quota of Virginia to the Confederate Army.

This act shall be in force its passage.