War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1017 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Richmond, March 22, 1862.

Messrs. JOHN FRASER & CO.,


GENTLEMEN: I sent you dispatch that the Government desired to take the Economist at &15,000, and wrote that we would take &12,000 for the Gladiator. As soon as we hear whether these proposals are accepted remittance will be made of amount due. I have now to request that you assume control of the cargo of the Southwick, which must be in Nassau now, in the same manner as you did for the Gladiator. By our letters the Southwick was to leave for Nassau only five days after the Economist, and was to stop at Nassau for orders. If she meets Mr. Heyliger there he will probably have assumed control. If deemed expedient she might attempt to run the blockade without breaking bulk, but not knowing what her speed is, I dare not give any orders. If, therefore, you are willing to assume control of her and will exercise you own judgment as to the best mode of getting in her cargo, whether by running in or breaking bulk into small steamers, I shall be greatly indebted to you. You have been so fortunate in your various attempts that I have the fullest confidence in your judgment and prudence and in the agents you have selected. I inclose a letter for Mr. Heyliger, whose advices, per Cecile, are just now at hand, informing him of my request to you and authorizing him to act as agent for the Government in regard to the Southwick in any matters that may occur in Nassau. I also inclose a letter for Captain Caleb Huse, which please forward.

I am, yours, respectfully,


Acing Secretary of War.

[Inclosure No. 1.]


Richmond, Va., March 22, 1862.


Nassau, New Providence:

DEAR SIR: I have just received your letter per Cecile, seventeen days after her departure. You will be gratified to learn of the safe arrival of the Economist with a full cargo, and we have every reason to hope that the Southwick with another cargo is now in Nassau. I hereby authorize you to act in all matters as agent of the Government in regard to the Southwick and her cargo as you have done for the Gladiator with so much success. I have requested Messrs. John Fraser & Co. to act in introducing the cargo as they did with the Gladiator. You will consult with their agent and determine whether it is best to send the vessel to one of our ports or to break bulk and ship the cargo in parts, as was done with the Gladiator. I feel that at this distance it is much safer to intrust the decision of such a question to discreet and reliable agents on the spot rather than attempt to control by positive orders.

Your settlement with Captain Bird is approved, and arrangements have been made with Messrs. John Fraser & Co. for the payment. I have, however, offered them the Gladiator as she lies in Nassau at &12,000, and I hope they will take her, as I am sure we will not be able to use her again, as she will be a marked vessel and the enemy will keep a strict watch on her movements. As soon as the cargo of