War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1002 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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as to increase Colonel Carter's command to a brigade. I wish to be advised as to the facts. If it be so that such authority is vested in Colonel Carter or others I can only repeat what I have already said, that it will defeat every effort I can make to raise infantry. If cavalry is to be raised I claim the right to furnish them in such manner as will entitle the State to credit for them. I cannot understand why individuals should be placed on a more favorable footing in the raising of men than the State authorities. If cavalry is wanted I could fill your requisition in twenty days. I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. I am exerting every influence and power to comply with the requisition made upon me, and were I left untrammeled and permitted to act independently of gentlemen having roving commissions my efforts would be successful. I inclose an order that I was constrained to issue.

Yours, very respectfully,





Austin, March 13, 1862.

I. In addition to the requisition from the War Department for fifteen regiments of infantry to serve for three years or during the ear, this State is required to furnish recruits to fill up the First, Fourth, and Fifth Regiments of Infantry now stationed on the Potomac, and to facilitate the accomplishment of this object the following-named officers have been detailed and empowered to enroll men for their respective companies, viz:

First Texas Regiment: Lieut. J. L. Sheridan, Company I; Lieut. J. L. Spencer, Company H; Captain John R. Woodward, Company G; Lieut. W. A. Bedell, Company L.

Fourth Regiment: Company A, Captain J. C. G. Key, Gonzales, Tex. ; Company B, Second Lieut. R. J. Lambert, Austin, Tex. ; Company C, Captain W. P. Townsend, Owensville, Tex. ; Company D, Lieut. C. Reich, Seguin, Tex. ; Company E, Lieut. J. M. Brandon, Waco, Tex. ; Company F, Lieut. L. P. Hughes, San Antonio, Tex. ; Company G, Adjt. R. H. Bassett, Anderson, Tex. ; Company H, Lieut. C. E. Jones, Montgomery, Tex. ; Company I, Captain C. M. Winkler, Corsicana, Tex. ; Company K, Lieut. J. T. Burress, Athens, Tex.

Fifth Regiment: Company A, Lieut. James E. Clute, Houston, Tex. ; Company B, Lieut. J. D. Roberdeau, Columbus, Tex. ; Company C, Lieut. J. J. McBride, Centerville, Tex. ; Company D, Lieut. W. T. Hill, Waverly, Walker Country, Tex. ; Company E, Lieut. R. T. Harper, Washington, Tex. ; Company F, Lieut. W. D. Williams, Liberty, Liberty Country, Tex. ; Company G, Lieut. John S. Cleveland, Cold Spring, Polk County, Tex. ; Company I, Lieut. B. J. Franklin, Independence, Washington County, Tex. ; Company K, Lieut. Robert W. Hubert, Livingston, Polk County, Tex.

II. As the recruiting officers are prepared to pay the bounty of $50 to each recruit at the time of enlistment and furnish the necessary transportation to their respective companies, the Governor urges upon those who desire to join any of the above-mentioned regiments to report to the recruiting officer of the company to which they may desire to enter, that the State may obtain credit for all recruits furnished those regiments; and the recruiting officers are requested to furnish the