War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0983 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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were ordered to Clarksville to rendezvous and organize. Captain J. K. P. Record, a mustering officer, was ordered to meet them there and muster them into the service. I have no doubt they were organized into a regiment on or about the 1st of this month and are now en route for the seat of war. Although I had some hesitation in receiving the fifth regiment, yet in doing so I feel sure that I did not exceed my authority. The men of the command are mostly armed with good double-barreled shotguns. Those not so armed have good common hunting rifles. A large majority are provided with good pistols and nearly all with large knives, well mounted on good, serviceable horses, and equipments which, together with the arms, have been procured without expense to the Government.

I beg leave further to report that I have accepted to services of two extra well-mounted and armed companies to serve as scouts in connection with the command or brigade. They have been received into the service with that understanding, subject, or course, t regimental and brigade orders. My experience satisfies me of the utility of such organization to act as spies and scouts. One of these companies is commanded by Captain Thomas J. Johnson and the other by Captain W. H. Gaffey. Both of these officers have had considerable experience on the frontier of Texas, and I think them eminently fitted for that service. Both companies are composed of picked men-arms and horses at their own expense. I most respectfully ask that my action in receiving these two companies may be ratified. I beg leave further to report that the four first-named regiments are now, by order of General A. S. Johnston, on the March to the headquarters of General Bragg, at Corinth. Three of these regiments when last heard from were near Little Rock, Ark., and are probably at or east of the Mississippi River. The fourth and fifth regiments are under marching orders for the same destination, and are now, no doubt, far advanced on the way. It is the wish of the officers that these five regiments compose one brigade.

Respectfully submitted.


Senior Colonel, Commanding.


APRIL 9, 1862.

Respectfully submitted to Secretary of War, and early action requested. All the muster-rolls of these regiments have not reached this office. The regiments engaged for twelve months, and armed with private arms (rifles and shotguns).


Adjutant and Inspector General.

[MARCH 8, 1862. - For General Orders, No. 11, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, publishing proclamation of Jefferson Davis, extending martial law over the city of Petersburg, Va., &c., see Series I, VOL. LI, Part II, p. 493.]

HOUSTON, March 8, 1862.


Secretary of War, Richmond:

SIR: This letter will introduce to you Horace Cone, esq., of this city. Mr. C[one] is a member of the present Legislature and one of our most