War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0982 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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found; contest every foot of ground with him, and if needs be we must give way before on overpowering brute force, "let blackness and ruin mark your departing steps, and let a desert more terrible than Sahara welcome the vandals. Let every city be leveled by the flame, and every village be lost in ashes. Let your faithful slaves hare your fortune and your crust. Trust wife and children to the sure refuge and protection of God, preferring even for these loved ones the charnel house as a home than loathsome vassalage to a nation already sunk below the contempt of the civilized world. This may be your terrible choice, and determine at once and without dissent as honor and patriotism and duty to God require. "

By order of the Governor:


Governor and Commander-in-Chief.


Adjutant and Inspector General.

Every paper in the State will please publish for four weeks.

AUSTIN, February 26, 1862.

RICHMOND, VA., March [April] 7, 1862.

General S. COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector General:

SIR: I have the honor to report that under the authority of the Honorable Secretary of War, of the 18th of October last, and his printed letter of instructions connected therewith, I have raised five regiments of cavalry in the State of Texas, and the same have been mustered into the C. S. service. The first regiment was organized on the 15th of February, the field, staff, and company rolls of which are herewith returned to your department. The second regiment, commanded by Colonel George H. Sweet, was organized on the 10th of March, and herewith I hand you the field and staff rolls of the same, in connection with a letter from Captain J. K. P. Record, mustering officer, in reference to the company rolls of said regiment. The third regiment, commanded by Colonel William Fitzhugh, was also organized on the 10th of March. The field and staff rolls, accompanies by certificate and statement of the organization of each company, and also the letter of the colonel, lieutenant-colonel, and most of the captains of the regiment, are herewith submitted. The fourth regiment, commanded by Colonel George F. Moore, was organized on the 15th of March. I have no field and staff rolls of this regiment, inasmuch as the colonel had not completed his staff at the time I left for this city. I know as a fact, however, that the regiment was organized on that day by the election of George F. Moore colonel, Sterling B. Hendricks lieutenant-colonel, and John McClarty major, and that the regiment is composed of ten completely organized companies. In this connection I deem it proper to state that Captain Thomas J. Johnston, one of the mustering officers of these regiments, will, within a short time, return to your department complete rolls of the companies of the various regiments of this command.

It is my duty also to report that I was induced, somewhat against my inclination, by the appeals and importunities of other organized companies, to agree to accept the fifth regiment. Ten full companies presented themselves through their captains for acceptance, and