War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0981 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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to supply the quota of the State of Texas. These troops will be mustered into service at convenient camps of instruction, the locality of which will be immediately made known, and will there be clothed, supplied, and armed at the expense of the Confederate States. Each soldier will receive a bounty of $50 when the regiment or company is mustered into service and will be allowed transportation from his home to the place of rendezvous. Those volunteering will report to their respective brigadier-generals, and when full companies are tendered they may at their option organize and elect their colonel, lieutenant-colonel, and major. Volunteer companies organized under the act of 1858 will be received as a whole. If they fail to volunteer they will be disbanded and enrolled with the State troops.

Men of Texas, will not this call meet with a hearty response from you? Your Government, the Government of your choice, needs your services and makes this call upon you. The spirits of those brave and departed heroes who have shed their blood in your defense cry aloud that you drive the hireling Hessians of a debased and corrupt Government from the soil they have polluted by their unhallowed touch. Your brave men who now stand int eh presence of the enemy from the Potomac to Arizona, ready to do and die for your country and their country, call upon you to touch elbows with them in the present important struggle. Those all over the broad land who believe int eh inherent right of self-government call upon you to do battle in this war for that great principle. The lovers of liberty in every land call upon you in thunder tones to rally now-aye, even before another moon shall wane-and enroll yourselves on the side of your country and her rights, with the fixed determination that you will be free. Your mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and little children all appeal to you as you love them, your county, their honor, and your honor to stand as a breast-work between them and "him who comes with lust in his eye, poverty in his pursue, and hell in his heart; who comes a robber and murderer," seeking to destroy or subjugate us that they may fall heir to our beautiful and sunny South, and our men, women, and children be reduced to the most abject serfdom.

Texans, the time has come when Texas demands that her sons, native and adopted, must do their duty. He how is unable to take the field in person must assist those who are willing to go. There is no time for delay; your services are required now! I must have reported to the Adjutant-General's Office within thirty days the number of troops required, viz, six companies to fill out the regiment of Colonel Flournoy, three companies to fill out Colonel Garland's regiment, and fourteen regiments for general service. I will not insult the chivalry and military fame of the brave Texans by doubting for a moment that a sufficient number of volunteers will be tendered to meet the present call. Candor, however, prompts me to say that if within the thirty days the required number of men be not reported, I shall proceed under the law to fill up the number by drafting. My countrymen, let not an old Texan, the Executive of your choice, one the most of whose life has been spent with you, one who is proud of his adopted Texas and her people and is deeply sensitive to everything touching her honor and interest, call upon you in vain!

Rally, my brave men, to the standard of your country; our cause is just; God is with us, as is evidenced daily; enter freely the service of your country; meet your enemy whenever and wherever he is to be