War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0976 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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of enrollments of the persons enrolled by companies, with the designations required, and they are authorized to appoint, if necessary, proper officers to effect a thorough enrollment.

II. All persons liable to militia duty are required without delay to enroll their names with the commanding officer of their respective beat companies; failing in this, the penalty imposed will be strictly enforced. As soon as the enrollment is complete commanding officers of companies will notify all persons enrolled to hold themselves in readiness for conscription for active service.

III. A broad of exemptions will be forthwith organized in each district and parish, to consist of the commanding officers of regiments and at least two practicing physicians of respectable standing, to be selected by said officers, and the evidence of infirmity in all cases must rest upon the personal knowledge of one or more members of the Board of Exemptions. The Board will conform its action to the fifth section of the above system. The pay-rolls of the Board will be forwarded to this office for payment.

IV. A conscription will be ordered to fill the requisition of the Secretary of War for five regiments as soon as the enrollments are returned to this office.

V. All officers charged with the execution of the above order will proceed without further notice to the prompt discharge of their duties.

By command:


Adjutant and Inspector General of South Carolina.


March 7, 1862.

I. Resolved, That the following persons shall be exempted from all militia service and from all drafts for actual service: The Governor and members of Executive Council; judges of the courts of law and equity; sheriffs; treasurers of the State; president of the bank of age of sixteen years: Provided, That any person so exempted shall, if he holds any military commission in this State or the Confederate States, be not allowed to plead the exemption.

II. The following persons shall be exempted from ordinary militia duty and from draft for Confederate service, but shall be liable to perform patrol duty and shall be subject as alarm men to be ordered to perform actual service in their respective brigades, to wit: Members of both branches of the General Assembly; secretary of state; surveyor-general; comptroller-general; ordinaries; clerks of the courts of general sessions and common pleas; masters, commissioners, and registers in equity; all regularly officiating clergymen; all regularly licensed practicing physicians; the faculty of the South Carolina college; professors in other incorporated colleges and in theological schools; schoolmasters having under their tuition not less than twenty scholars; all students at schools, academies, and colleges under the age of eighteen; all branch pilots; one white man to each established ferry, toll bridge, and toll grain mill, if actually kept by such white man; the president, cashier, and one teller of the several banks of the State; the officers and men of the city guard of the cities of