War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0975 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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by volunteering (except individual volunteers for infantry service until the 20th of March instant), but the same shall be apportioned and a conscription ordered thereof. After the apportionment has been made and a conscription executed the persons subjected to duty shall be assembled at designated camps of rendezvous and be organized into companies, battalions, or regiment under commanding officers to be appointed by the Governor and Council; the regimental staff to be appointed in accordance with the Confederate laws and regulations.

VII. Any person who may volunteer or be drafted for Confederate service may, at any time before his muster into service, furnish an able-bodied man well clothed as his substitute, subject to the usual examination and approval, but the person furnishing such substitute shall be liable to perform ordinary militia and patrol duty. Should the substitute be subsequently drafted, the person furnishing him shall be required to take his place or furnish another substitute on same terms.

VIII. All ordinances, acts, resolutions, and regulations from any authority in this State conflicting with the above provisions are hereby suspended in their operation for and during the existing war. - (Extracts from the minutes of March 6.)

F. J. MOSES, Jr.,


RICHMOND, VA., March 7, 1862.

Governor J. J. PETTUS,

Jackson, Miss.:

I will accept companies for the war without arms.


Secretary of War.




Columbia, March 7, 1862.

To carry into effect with the utmost promptitude the resolutions of the Governor and Council passed March 6, 1862, creating a new military system for this State, it is hereby ordered:

I. That the commandants of the militia regiments of the State convene immediately at some convenient place within the bounds of each regiment, the commanding officers of each company of their respective regiments giving public notice thereof, and proceed on the information before them to enroll for active service all persons resident or remaining within their respective regimental lines, in strict accordance with section I of the new military system herewith printed; * and in order to effect the enrollment properly the sheriffs and tax collectors of each district [and] parish shall attend and render such assistance as may be in their power. Each commanding officer of beat or volunteer company shall give public notice of these orders and resolutions within his respective company limits. The compensation will be paid to the officer or person designated by commanding officer of the regiment making the proper enrollment for this office. Commandants of regiments shall forward promptly to this office full and legible lists


*See resolutions March 6, p. 973.