War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0974 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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such compensation shall be paid upon the certificate of the adjutant and inspector general.

IIIe duty of the adjutant and inspector general to procure from the commandants of the several regiments, battalions, and companies of the South Carolina volunteers complete rolls of the several corps now in service, to be returned forthwith to his office, designating the name, residence, and age of each volunteer or enlisted man, the time of his volunteer or enlistment, and when his term of service will expire, with the company and regiment to which he belongs.

IV. At least ten day before the day on which the term of service of each volunteer company now in the field shall expire the adjutant and inspector general shall cause such company to be mustered for re-enlistment by the officer commanding the same, who shall make out an accurate company roll, designating therein the name, age, and residence of each volunteer who shall decline to re-enlist, the time his service will expire, and the company and regiment to which he belongs, and return the same promptly to the office of the adjutant and inspector general of the State, for the purpose of having their names subject to any subsequent call for troops; and when troops now in service for a shorter term than the war are disbanded and returned to the State, they shall, within ten days thereafter, be enrolled in their respective districts or parishes, and be subject to any subsequent call for troops: Provided, In case they are drafted with ten days after their return they shall be furloughed upon application being made for thirty days from day of draft.

V. Immediately after the passage of these resolutions the chief of military department shall issue an order requiring the organization of a board of exemptions in each district and parish of the State (except the cities of Charleston and Columbia), to consist of the commanding officers of regiments, and at least two practicing physicians of respectable standing. The Board shall have cognizance of all questions of exemptions, and shall adjudge the sufficiency of the excuse given by any person. In no case shall the Board grant a discharge for bodily infirmity, unless satisfactory evidence is furnished them that the infirmity is of a permanent character, and such as will disqualify the claimant for the discharging of the duties of a soldier. The Board shall keep a record of their proceedings and furnish the officers appointed for the enrollments with any information required, and also send a copy of all exemptions made, with cause of such exemptions, stating name, age, and place of residence, or beat company, to adjutant and inspector general's office. The Board shall meet at some central point in each parish or district, giving public notice thereof, at least two days in each week preceding a conscription for troops. Only exemptions granted by the resolution of the Governor and Council, published herewith, will be recognized by the Boes of Charleston and Columbia the Board will consist of certain persons hereafter to be designated by the Governor and Council. The compensation of the Board of Exemptions shall be the per diem and mileage allowed by law to members of the General Assembly.

VI. When troops are to be called for the adjutant and inspector general, under instructions, shall apportion the quota of each beat or volunteer company in the State, according to their respective enrollments; and in order that equal justice may be done to all the arms-bearing citizens of the State no requisitions for troops will be filled