War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0973 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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frequently desirable to work a complete battery, while on the other hand it may sometimes happen that smaller batteries can be advantageously worked by companies even below the minimum of seventy privates, now required by law in the case of heavy artillery companies. I therefore respectfully recommend the passage of an act by extending the provisions of the act of May 10, 1861, to companies of heavy as well as of light artillery, and that this act be made to include all such companies now in service or hereafter to be raised, anything in the acts Nos. 356 and 370 to the contrary notwithstanding.



Secretary of War.



Columbia, March 6, 1862.

Whereas, the President of the Confederate States has ascertained the military quota of South Carolina for the existing war to be 12,590 men, in addition to the number already furnished, to serve for and during the present war, and has made his requisition upon the Governor for five regiments thereof,

Be it resolved, That in order to comply promptly with this requisition, and for the purpose of filling all subsequent requisitions, the following system shall be, and is hereby, adopted:

I. It shall be the duty of the adjutant and inspector general to cause all the male citizens of the State between the ages of eighteen and forty-five, not now in active service, to be enrolled as soon as may be after the passage of these resolutions, designating all exempts and the cause of such exemptions, including all refugees from districts now in possession of the enemy, and designating such of them as have in service, and the term and place of such service; and he is hereby authorized, under instructions from the chief of military department, to prescribe such regulations, in addition to those now established, as will enable him promptly and efficiently to perform the duty imposed upon him; and to that end he may require the services of the sheriffs and tax collectors of the several districts and parishes of the State, or such other persons as he may deem necessary, to act in conjunction with the officers of the State militia. In making such enrollment it shall be the duty of the adjutant and inspector general to ascertain and state the time, if any, for which the said militia or any portion thereof shall have been in the service of this State or of the Confederate States.

II. It shall be the duty of every person hereinbefore declared liable to be enrolled to report himself promptly to the officer or officers appointed for that purpose; and if any person shall fail so to report himself within ten days after the notice or order requiring such enrollment shall have been posted or published at some public place within his ward or company district, he shall, unless there be sufficient excuse for such failure, be drafted among the first levies to be drawn from such district or corporations; and if any person or officer shall fail to perform the duty required of him under these resolutions he shall be subject to a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $1,000. The officers or persons enrolling the militia shall be entitled to a compensation of 10 cents for each person enrolled, and the claims for