War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0937 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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and propound his claim; and if such claimant shall fail to appear his claim shall be barred. On the appearance of the claimant the court shall direct an issue to try the same, and shall award the costs against the claimant if the claim be unfounded: Provided, That the entire answer shall be considered by the court.

SEC. 16. All proceedings now pending under the act to which this act is an amendment shall be made to conform to the proceedings directed in this act, so far as practicable, and the judgment rendered therein shall be given in all respects and have the same operation and effect as judgments rendered under the fourteenth section of this act.

SEC. 17. In all proceedings against debtors who fail or refuse to give information of their indebtedness within the time prescribed in this act and the debtor shall be brought before the court by process, the costs of the proceedings shall be adjudged against such debtor, in case he is found to be indebted to any alien enemy; and if it shall appear to the court, on the trial of any cause against such recusant debtor, that he was wrongly and willfully refused or failed to give information of his ito state the true amount thereof, with intent to hinder, evade, or delay the execution of this act, or the act to which this is an amendment, or the jury, in any cause or issue tried by them, shall certify that such debtor has willfully failed or refused to give information of his indebtedness, or the true amount thereof, with the intent aforesaid, the court shall award execution against such debtor on the decree or judgment for the whole amount of the debt and the interest due thereon, together with the costs; in all other cases, however, execution shall be stayed until the peace aforesaid, except for interest which shall accrue.

SEC. 18. In cases where proceedings shall be instituted to sequestrate judgments or decrees already rendered, or of claims or debts upon which actions or suits may be pending, the court may, after the decree of sequestration, allow the receiver to prosecute such suit, action, decree, or judgment in the name of the Confederate States of America; and in cases of suits or actions pending or decrees or judgments rendered in the State courts where, by the laws of such State, it may be admissible, such receiver may introduce the Confederate States of America in the proceedings as a party to prosecute such suit or action or enforce such decree or judgment; but in such cases execution shall issue for costs and interest only further provided by law, or twelve months after the conclusion of peace as aforesaid.

SEC. 19. Attorney, agents, or trustees of any alien enemy having claims for fees or commission on the fund or assets in their hands shall, on delivery of such fund or assets to the receiver, make out their accounts for such claims or commissions, and the court shall consider and allow the same, if just and reasonable, to be paid out of such funds or assets; and where counsel are already engaged in prosecuting such pending suits or actions, the receiver shall be authorized to allow them to continue to prosecute ctions for the Confederate States of America.

SEC. 20. The rate of interest to be paid by debtors shall be regulated by the contract, if by the terms thereof the rate of interest shall be fixed, and if no interest shall be fixed by the contract, then the rate shall be according to the law of the place where the debt is to be paid or the contract performed; and the judgment or decree shall bear the same rate of interest fixed by law or the contract, and the same shall be punctually paid at the end of each year, or execution shall issue for the same.