War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0936 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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peace, notary public, commissioner of the court or receiver under the act to which this is an amendment, and shall set forth the name or names of the creditor or owner of such debt, the amount he owes or owed on the thirtieth day of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and whether the same is, or has been, secured by mortgage or otherwise; and the information or confession so made shall be filed by the receiver in the proper court of the Confederate States, and such court shall, on such information, proceed to decree sequestration and payment of the debt or debt so confessed; and in case any debtor shall, in good faith, confess his indebtedness as aforesaid, but shall be unable to state the true amount of his indebtedness, or shall be in doubt whether the creditor or owner of the debt is an alien enemy, the court shall proceed to ascertain the character of the creditor or owner, and the true amount of such indebtedness, and to that end shall direct such proceedings as shall be adapted to the nature of the case, and decree according to the facts found. And in all proceedings against persons for debts due by them to alien enemies, the debtor shall be allowed to make any defense, in law or equity, which he might or could have made in a suit brought against him by the creditor to whom such debt was due: Provided, however, That no execution shall issue on such decree, except for the interest which shall accrue on the same at the end of each year, until twelve months after peace shall be declared between the Confederate States and the United States, or until otherwise directed by law: And provided, moreover, That execution may issue for the costs of the proceeding, and the sum so collected for costs shall be deducted from the principal sum due.

SEC. 15. The receivers appointed under this act, or the act to which this is an amendment, shall proceed diligently to ascertain and collect the debts due to alien enemies by persons residing in the districts for which they are severally appointed, and shall, on the discovery of any such debts, and after the expiration of three months from the passage of this act, and the debtor shall have failed to give information of such debt, proceed to institute proceedings to seque, and in such proceeding, which shall be by petition, as prescribed by said act to which this is an amendment, and shall be to sequestrate the debt, as well as to ascertain the sum due by the debtor, such debtor shall be made defendant or respondent, as the case may be, and the process to bring such debtor before the court, or to compel an answer, shall be in the nature of a writ of garnishment, as prescribed in said act, which shall be served on such debtor; and in case of corporations and joint-stock companies, on some member or officer of such corporation or company; and shall require the defendant to answer on oath whether he is indebted to any alien enemy, or was so indebted on the thirtieth day of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, in what sum, and whether he knows of any other person or persons so indebted, and, on the disclosure by the defendant of such indebtedness by other persons, like proceedings shall be had as in the original cause; and in case the defendant shall suggest in his answer that the debt due by him or her is claimed or owned by any person not an alien enemy, setting forth the name of such claimant, his place of abode, citation shall issue to such claimant to appear and propound his claim on oath at the succeeding term of the court; and in case he is absent from the district in which the court is held, or cannot be found, publication shall be made for the space of one month in some newspaper best calculated to apprise such claimant to appear