War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0935 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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SEC. 10. In cases where an alien enemy may have contracted in writing, before the twenty-first day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, to sell real estate to a citizen or citizens of this Confederacy, and to make title upon payment of the purchase money, the court, in decreeing sequestration of the said purchase money or the residue thereof unpaid, shall further decree that the receiver of the district in which said real estate is situate, shall, upon payment of said purchase money, or the residue thereof, as aforesaid, make title for such real estate to the purchaser or his assignee.

SEC. 11. The court shall audit and pass on the accounts of the receiver as provided in this act, and the one to which this is an amendment; but in lieu of the compensation and allowances therein provided for, shall allow such compensation as shall to it seem reasonable and just, following, in this respect, so far as may be applicable, the analogies furnished by the laws of the State in which the court is held concerning compensation to executors, administrators, and trustees; and the court shall further allow to the receiver all proper expenses attending the execution of his office. And all fees and allowances passed by the court in favor of any receiver may be retained by him from any money in his hands; and all fees and allowances to any receiver beyond the rate of $5,000 per annum, except for expenses as aforesaid, shall be forthwith paid by him into the Confederate Treasury, to the use of the Confederate States, and shall be brought into and stated and accounted for in his next account of settlement as receiver.

SEC. 12. The court shall appoint an attorney for each section in which the court shall be holden, and in which no attorney of the Confederate States resides, whose duties it shall be to discharge, within said section, the duties imposed on the attorney of the district by the act to which this is amendatory; and the compensation of such attorney so appointed shall be the same for business by him done as is now provided by ninth section of said act f attorney.

SEC. 13. The receiver shall, in all cases, take the possession and control of the enemy, property, and the effects of alien enemies, and of such choses in action as shall be in the hands of any agent or third person, except when otherwise provided by this act, and, on being refused possession, shall sue for the same, and such possession shall not be withheld on any pretext of any provisions of the act to which this is amendatory. The court may order a delay in the sale of property when it shall be necessary to complete or gather a growing crop, or when it shall be otherwise manifestly to the benefit of the Confederate States to delay the sale; but in all such cases the possession, control, and management shall be with the receiver, or under his control and authority. And in the collection of debts or choses in action no State stay law shall govern, but the same shall be governed by this act, and the one to which this is an amendment, so far as the latter does not conflict with this act.

SEC. 14. It shall be the duty of all persons owing debts to alien enemies, within three months from the passage of this act, to give information thereof to the receiver of the district in which her or they reside, and in case of corporations or joint-stock companies, to the receiver of the district in which the principal office of business of such corporation or company may be; and such information shall be in writing and sworn to by the debtor, and in case of corporations or joint stock companies, by the principal officer of such corporation or company, before any judge of a court of record, justice of the