War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0933 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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speedily to inform the receiver, and to render an account thereof, and at once to pay over to the receiver and to deliver to him such property and effects and evidences of debt; and such payment and delivery shall be made without regard to whether any proceedings have or have not been instituted to sequestrate the same. And any person who, after giving such information, shall fail so to pay over and deliver on demand, made by the receiver, shall stand in contempt, and the receiver shall at once move the court or judge to proceed against such party as in other cases of contempt; and the court or judge may imprison the offender until he shall fully comply with the requirements of this act. And such payment or delivery shall fully acquit and discharge the party from all and every claim for or on account of such money, property, effects, and evidences of debt. And the receiver shall give such person a receipt specifying the amount of money, the property, effects, and evidences of debts paid and delivered, and the same of the alien enemy on account of whom the same shall be paid and delivered: Provided, That when the person having the possession or control of any money of an alien enemy asserts a debt or claim against such alien enemy in his own favor he may file it in writing in the proper court, swearing that he believes himself justly entitled to the same, and thereupon he shall not be compelled, in the first instance, to pay over to the receiver the amount thus propounded and claimed by him; but the court shall then proceed to examine and try the validity of the said debt or claim and decree according to the facts found and the rights and justice of the case. And if the court decides agar claim, the party setting up the same shall forthwith pay over the sum so retained by him. And if the court shall decree in favor of the debt or claim thus propounded and it exceeds the entire amount originally in possession of such debtor or claimant, he shall pay no costs; otherwise he shall pay all costs incident to the proceedings.

SEC. 4 This act and the act to which it is an amendment shall not operate to avoid any payment bona fide made to an alien enemy or to affect property of any kind bona fide and absolutely transferred or conveyed by any alien enemy to a faithful citizen of the Confederate States prior to the thirtieth day of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.

SEC. 5. In cases of partnership property and effects, the resident partner or partners shall be dealt with in all respects as surviving partners in cases of a dissolution of partnership by the death of one or more of the partners, according to the laws of the place of the principal place of business of the partnership; and the receiver shall have the same remedies against such resident partners as the representatives of a deceased partner would be entitled to in like case.

SEC. 6. The following persons shall not be taken to be alien enemies under this act, or the act to which this is an amendment:

First. Persons who now have bona fide become permanent residents of any State of this Confederacy, and are actually residing and domiciled within the same, yielding and acknowledging allegiance thereto, and who have not, during the present war, voluntarily contributed to the cause of the enemy.

Second. All persons born within any State of this Confederacy, or natives of a neutral country, who since the breaking out of the war have abandoned their domiciles and ceased their business in the enemy's country, and all persons aforesaid who have bone fide commenced or attempted to remove themselves and effects from the