War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0926 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

the original companies the number required by law for a company, the number and designation of such regiment, battalion, or squadron may continue, or such of said companies as are complete at that date may reorganize into new regiments, battalions, or squadrons, or attach themselves to other regiments, battalions, or squadrons; and in all such cases the field officers shall be elected, and vacancies thereafter occurring in such field officers shall be filled by promotion, as directed by the act aforesaid.

SEC. 4. Companies organized by re-enlisted twelve-months' volunteers, under the act aforesaid, may be recruited to the number of one hundred and twenty-five, in the manner prescribed in the second section of this act.

SEC. 5. Where, at the date of the expiration of the term of service of the original company, the number of recruits and enlisted men may not amount to the minimum number required for a company, the recruited men may combine with recruits of other companies in like situation, so as to form complete companies; and in default of such combinations the said recruits may be assigned or distributed to other companies from the State in which such recruits were enlisted.

SEC. 6. The Secretary of War shall make all needful rules to carry into effect the foregoing provisions.

Approved January 27, 1862.

II. Commanding officers of all war and twelve-months' regiments, battalions, squadrons, and independent companies or three-months' volunteers now in service will detail for recruiting service, subject to approval of the brigadier-general of the brigade with which they are serving, a commissioned officer and one non-commissioned officer or private from each company below the maximum organization (125 men), with instructions to proceed to the neighborhood where his company was raised, and there enlist recruits to raise the company to the maximum organization.

III. Officers detailed for recruiting service will make requisitions on the Adjutant and Inspector General for recruiting funds, reporting the station to which they have been ordered, the company and regiment for which they have been directed to recruits, and the post town, county, and State to which letters for them should be addressed. A similar report should also be made to the Commissary and Quartermaster's Departments, in order that the required instructions may issue to the proper officers of these departments to fill the requisitions necessary for such recruiting purposes.

IV. As soon as possible after the enlistment of a recruit he shall be inspected by a commissioned surgeon or assistant surgeon of the Confederate States, and if unfit for service shall be rejected. In all cases this inspection shall take place before the recruit leaves the State in which he is enlisted.

V. A communication for rations, at the rate of 25 cents per ration, shall be allowed to each recruit from the date of his enlistment until he is supplied regularly with subsistence by an officer of the Commissary Department.

VI. No clothing nor commutation for clothing, will be allowed a recruit until after inspection. As soon as possible after inspection and muster the recruit will be supplied with clothing or commutation thereof by the nearest quartermaster, in accordance with regulations.

VII. The time allowed for recruiting will in no case extend beyond thirty days, at the expiration whereof the recruiting party, with the enlisted men, will proceed to join their company.

VIII. Officers in charge of recruiting parties will keep a strict account of the disbursements made by them of moneys placed in their hands for the recruiting service, taking duplicate receipts for every item of expenditure; one set of these receipts will be retained by the officer for his security, the other set, with an account current, will, at the expiration of the recre transmitted to the Adjutant