War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0921 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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from his command. If a sufficient number do not respond to the call, he will be directed to detach or draft the balance of the number needed, taking down as drafted first the names of all who are subject to do military duty, who have been notified of the time and place of such parade and are absent from it, except for providential cause made known at the time. The commanding officer will also receive from the adjutant and inspector general instructions to the class next to be detached in case a sufficient number has not been offered when this class is exhausted. Each justice of the peace in each county is also hereby charged with the duty of attending the parade and reporting to the commanding officer the names of any persons in his district subject to do military duty who are not present. The commanding officer will on that day be required to make out a complete roll of all the names of persons under his command liable to do military duty, and forward a copy to the adjutant and inspector general's office. I cannot close without repeating my ardent hope that a number of volunteer sufficiere requisition will promptly respond. This is required to sustain the honor of Georgia, her proud position as the Empire State, and the immortality of glory already won for her arms by the brilliant deeds and heroic daring of her troops in the field Let none be discouraged on account of our late reverse. We cannot expect always to be victorious. We have had the most cheering evidences of the interposition of Divine Providence in our favor, while our arms have been crowned with a seccession of victories which find but few parallels in history. True, the enemy has the advantage of us upon the waters, but before he can subjugate us he must expose his troops where we can meet them hand to hand and drive them back by the use of cold steel in close quarters. Here his courage fails him, and here it is that our troops have shown a wonderful superiority and a most remarkable heroism. Here, then let every Georgian go forth resolved to grapple with him, and, with that true courage that nerves the patriot's arm, here let us force him to decide the contest. If we do this, and are ever mindful of the strength of that Almighty arm upon whose assistance we should humbly and confidently rely, we cannot fail to drive the invader from our genial territory back to his frozen home. In this hour of national peril, when our danger is imminent, trusting in God, who alone is able to give us victory, but who will not assist us unless we humble ourselves in His presence and exert all the strength with which He has endowed us, I warn you of the danger which surrounds you, my countrymen, and, as your commander-in-chief, I exhort you to lay aide, when necessary, every other employment, and I now summon you immediately to arms. Strike, before it is too late, for your liberties, your families, your homes, and your altars.



Raleigh, February 11, 1862.


Secretary of War:

SIR: I have your letter of the 2d instant informing me that the quota of troops for the war for the State of North Carolina, as fixed by direction of the President, was "6 per cent. of our white population. " This I suppose is, in round numbers, 38,000 men. We have now in for the war, in round numbers, 11,000 men, and for twelve