War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0920 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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different States for such additional force, to serve for three years or during the war, as in his judgment is sufficient for the present crisis. In carrying out this wise policy he has called upon me as your Governor to furnish twelve additional regiments from Georgia, for the length of time above specified, by the 15th of March, if possible. I am requested to order the troops into camps of instruction, and am authorized by the Secretary of War to say that he will furnish them, at the expense of the Confederate States, with clothing, equipments, and arms," and that a bounty of $50 will be paid to each volunteer private so soon as his company is mustered into the service, and that transportation will be furnished to each from his home to the place of rendezvous. The law also authorizes the volunteers to elect their own officers. In compliance with the request of the Secretary of War, I will establish three camps of instruction-one at Camp McDonald, seven miles above Marietta, on the Western and Atlantic Railroad; one at Camp Stephens, near Griffin, and one at Camp Davis, thirty miles from Savannah, on the Central Railroad. Under this requisition from the President it becomes my duty to call upon the chivalrous sons of the Empire State who still remain at home to emulate the noble example of those who have gone before them to the field, and to contribute their part to sustain the high character won for Georgia by the valor of her troops in every contest where they have met their country's foe. In view of the past I cannot permit myself to entertain a reasonable doubt that the whole number required will immediately respond as volunteers. Surely no true, patriotic son of our State, when all the property he possesss, his life, and the liberties of his posterity are at stake, will wait to be forced into the field by draft. Were Georgia's sons capable of this, I cannot believe that the noble women of the State, who have done so much for the cause, would ever tolerate such delinquency.

Should I have the mortification to find that I am mistaken in this most reasonable expectation, I shall immediately proceed to detach or draft such number from each regiment or independent battalion in this State as may be necessary, with the number who may volunteer, to make up the quota required from such regiment or independent battalion. The statute does not require that the draft be made by lot, but leaves the mode of making the detachment or draft to the discretion of the commander-in-chief. Let it be remembered that no bounty is paid to the soldier who has to be forced by a draft to defend his home, and that the proper authority has the right to assign to him the officers by whom he is to be commanded. The bounty and the elective franchise belong the law only to the brave volunteer. That the question may be decided without delay, and the required regiments be raised immediately, either by the acceptance of volunteers or by detachment or draft, the adjutant and inspector-general, under my direction, will proceed to issue orders to the commanding officer of each regiment or independent battalion in this State, and if the regiment or battalion is not fully organized, then to the senior officer entitled to the command, informing him of the number of men required from his command, and directing him to call out the regiment or independent battalion at the regimental or battalion parade ground on Tuesday, the 4th day of March next, and each and every man in Georgia liable to do military duty is hereby required to take notice and attend at the parade ground of the regiment or independent battalion to which he belongs on that day.

When the regiment or battalion is assembled the commanding officer will be required to call for such number of volunteers as are required