War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0913 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Milledgeville, Ga., February 10, 1862.


Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: Your requisition for twelve additional regiments of troops from Georgia to serve during the war is this day received, in which you request me to select camps of instructions where the men are to rendezvous, and if possible that I have them ready for service by the 15th day of March. You also say that the troops when mustered into the service will be clothed, equipped, and armed at the expense of the Confederate States. I will do all in my power to fill the requisition, but I greatly fear it will be impossible to do so within the time mentioned by you. It is now a very sufficient matter to get a company of volunteers for the war. If I should be under the necessity of resorting to a draft, I cannot possibly get the orders to every part of the State, have the drafts made, and get the troops in camp by the 15th of March. No effort shall be wanting, however, on my part. I will establish three camps of instruction-one at Camp McDonald, seven miles above Marietta, on the Western and Atlantic Railroad; one at Camp Stephens, at Griffin, and one at Station No. 3, on the Central Railroad, twenty miles from Savannah. As the troops will need tents and provisions as soon as the first companies arrive, I must request that you send supplies to each of these three points immediately, and that your order to these places quartermasters, commissaries, and surgeons, who will take charge of the troops as they arrive. Will you please inform me by paragraph who is your agent or officer at each point with whom I can advise, and who will superintend the purchasing of the necessary supplies, &c.? As the time within which the troops are required is very short, I must beg you to act promptly and provide for the supplies at once. May I beg a reply to my letter of the 4th instant?

Very respectfully,



Columbia, S. C., February 10, 1862.


On the 31st day of December, 1860, the people of South Carolina in convention assembled passed the following resolutions:

Resolved, That the Governor be authorized and requested forthwith to be caused to be enlisted into the service of the State for the term of twelve months, at such rates of compensation and emolument as are now allowed by the Federal Government, one regiment of 640 privates, to be divided into eight companies, and that he appoint suitable persons to command the said regiment and companies, and from time to time to supply vacancies, subject to the approval of the Senate; the said officers to be entitled to the same pay and emoluments as is allowed by the Federal Government to officers of similar grade in that service. And that the Governor he also authorized, whenever the public interest may in his opinion require it, to enlist for a period not exceeding twelve months another regiment with a like number ofivates, and like pay and emoluments, the officers to be appointed in the same manner as the former.

Resolved, That the Governor be also authorized to appoint three or more engineers, and to organize a corps as soon as the same can be done; the rank of the chief to be that of a captain of engineers, and the pay and emoluments to be the same as are allowed by the Federal Government to officers of the like employment and rank.