War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0878 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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for any large amount of bread, a bakery was purchased and put in operation with complete machinery. Its full working capacity is 140 barrels of flour or 280 barrels of hard bread per day of twenty-four hours. Since the bakery has been in operation the wants of the Army for hard bread have decreased and there is now on hand here a stock of 2,700 barrels of hard bread and 330,000 pounds at Manassas. This bread, made of superior flour, is cheaper by 12 1/2 per cent. than it could have been bought from outside parties making a very inferior article.

Sugar and molasses are purchased and only await transportation to be furnished in full supply at all the camps. These articles are had at New Orleans from first hands. Rice is being purchased under agencies which are now in the course of completion, and it is hoped bonds can be used exclusively in payment. In addition to the quantities of salt reported, contracts have been made with Messrs. Stuart, Buchanan & Co., at the salt-works near Saltville, in Southwest Virginia, to secure an ample quantity of salt for army supplies and for packing purposes. The first of these stipulates for 10,000 bushels of salt per month, at 75 cents per bushel of fifty pounds; the second for 22,000 bushels per month, at the same price, plus the cost of bags or barrels at the option of the manufacturers. Besides this about 40,000 bushels were purchased at Nashville at $3 per bushel, to be used in packing pork and beef, transportation from the salt-works being impossible. Besides the above-recited purchases or arrangements to purchase supplies of all kinds, local commissaries at various places have made and are making similar purchases by the direction or under the sanction of their respective commanders, whose duty it is, by Army Regulations, to give proper supervision in the case.

It will be observed that this department had not been conducted on the system of contracts by bids. That system as a whole is not approved of, though in some cases and in favorable circumstances it may be advantageously blended with the system of purchases directly or through agencies. But if it had been the best, as a general rule it could not have obtained in the administration of this department

in the circumstances which have surrounded it.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major and Commissary of Subsistence.


Statement showing the actual and contingent number of beeves and hogs contracted to be slaughtered, and of bacon and fresh beef contracted to be purchased for and by the Commissary Department for the subsistence of the C. S. Army.

Williams & Lancaster, Bristol, Tenn., 12,000 hogs; T. J. Bretlow, Southampton, Va., 10,000 hogs; D. Morris & Co., Morristown, Tenn., 25,000 hogs; Wilson & Armstrong, Nashville, Clarksville, Bowling Green, and Patriot, 66,000 hogs; Wilson & Johnson, Loudoun, Sweet Water, and State Line, 14,000 hogs; Government account, Thoroughfare, Va., 10,000 hogs; Government account, Richmond, Va., 1,300 hogs (beef is packed at both these places); John Blacknall, Oxford, N. C., 500 hogs; Cummings, Gilkeson & Co., Nashville, Tenn., 35,000 hogs, 6,000 beeves; Cummings & Waterhouse, Shelbyville, Tenn., 35,000 hogs, 25 beeves; Chandler & Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., 25,000 hogs, 2,000 beeves; J. H. Craigmiles, Cleveland, Tenn., 1,000 hogs;