War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0838 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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AN ACT appropriating $ 14,850,000 for the military service.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the sum of $ 14,400,000 be, and is hereby, appropriated for the pay of bounty and transportation, or commutation thereof, for 150,000 men under the act providing for re-enlistment of twelve-months' men.

SEC. 2. That the sum of $ 450,000 be, and is hereby, appropriated for expenses under the act for recruiting recently passed.

SEC. 3. That the sum of $ 800 be, and is hereby, appropriated for the salary of the Assistant Secretary of War, to the first day of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, as per estimates of the Secretary of War of the twenty-seventh of December, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.

Approved January 11, 1862.

AUSTIN, TEX., January 11, 1862.


Secretary of War Confederate States of America:

SIR: This will introduce to you my brother, who visits Richmond as bearer of dispatches from Governor Lubbock to yourself. Governor Lubbock does not feel authorized under the act of the Legislature of this State (a copy of which he will forward you) and your letter of December 2 to him in relation to certain U. S. bonds held by this State, to use them as indicated in your letter without further consulting you on the subject. The Governor is desirous of doing all that he can consistent with his duties as Governor, and will willingly exchange the U. S. bonds for Confederate bonds, to be applied as you may wish in the purchase of arms, & c., but prefers such purchases should be made by and at the risk of the Confederacy. Such bonds as may not be used he will receive back the same as if never been handed me. I trust you will so arrange it that the U. S. bonds can be used, and any instructions as to the risks to be taken will be faithfully carried out. This I will say, that I will take no greater risks than I do, or am now taking, with my own funds. Should you prefer to charge to my account the bonds to be accounted for at such prices as I may be able to realize for them you are at liberty to do so, and I will render strict account of sales and use them to a good advantage, as by having these bonds with me at Matamoras I would be able to not only meet all payments under existing contracts, but could secure all arms and munitions of war imported by merchants. I do not consider the risk great, particularly if the bonds are not sent abroad. I have made satisfactory arrangements with Messrs. R. and D. G. Mills in relation to cotton, but the land transportation is slow, and it will take some time to get much cotton to Matamoras.

I am, sir, respectfully, your obedient servant,


P. S. - Governor Lubbock kindly gave me a permit to transport cotton to Mexico for the purposes indicated in your order to me.

G. H. G.

[JANUARY 12, 1862. - For Benjamin to Milton, in relation to the organization of troops in Florida, $ c., see Series I, VOL. LIII, p. 213.]