War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0825 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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The regulations in regard to recruiting (General Orders, No. 6) and the regulations in regard to re-enlistment (General Orders, No. 1) and all the blank forms necessary for recruiting and mustering into service may be obtained from the Adjutant-General.


15. All equipments, transportation, clothing, subsistence, & c., or commutation therefor, are furnished to troops in service by the proper officers, in conformity with regulations, and no person not expressly commissioned for the purpose can be authorized to make any purchases or contracts whatsoever for the Government.

16. Contributions of clothing or other stores for soldiers, hospitals, & c., will be transmitted free of charge if delivered, properly addressed, to any officer of the Quartermaster's Department. Agents of States in charge of such articles will be allowed free transportation from their homes to the place of their destination and back.

Commutation is allowed the soldier for clothing at the rate of $ 25 for six months.


17. Applications for furlough must be addressed to commanding officers.

No discharge will be granted except in cases of physical disability, certified by a medical officer, unless a substitute be furnished for the war, in conformity with the regulations.

No resignation will be considered unless forwarded by commanding officers, nor accepted unless for satisfactory reasons stated.

18. All communications from persons in the service must be transmitted through the office of the Adjutant-General, and all communications from subordinates must be duly forwarded through their commanding officer, or they will not be considered.

NOTE. - All communications from camps should contain, in addition to the specification of the regiment, the name of the post-office to which answer should be addressed.


Secretary of War.


Richmond, January 1, 1862.

No. 1.

I. The following act of Congress, with regulations of the Secretary of War thereupon, are published for the information of the Army:

No. 306. - AN ACT providing for the granting of bounty and furloughs to privates and non-commissioned officers in the Provisional Army.

SECTION 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That a bounty of $ 50 be, and the same is hereby, granted to all privates, musicians, and non-commissioned officers in the Provisional Army who shall serve continuously for three years, or for the war, to be paid at the following times, to wit: To all now in the service for twelve months, to be paid at the time of volunteering or enlisting for the next two ensuing years subsequent to the expiration of their present term of service. To all now in the service for three years, or for the war, to be paid

at the expiration of their first year's service. To all who may hereafter volunteer or enlist for three years, or for the war, to be paid at the time of entry into service.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That furloughs not exceeding sixty days, with transportation home and back, shall be granted to all twelve-months' men