War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0824 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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9. Batteries with equipments complete, including horses, will be furnished to all light artillery companies in the order of their acceptance, or will be paid for at valuation if furnished by the companies. Companies may be accepted as heavy artillery when required to man stationary batteries, but no companies re-enlisting from other arms of the service will be accepted as light artillery unless specially recommended by superior officers.

10. No troops will be accepted for local service unless required by the officer commanding the district in question, and then only as prescribed by the act of Congress, receiving pay, subsistence, & c., only while in actual service.

Except under this act no troops will be accepted with any condition as to where they will serve.


11. Troops thus organized are inspected and mustered into service by officers designated for that purpose, and are considered as in service and entitled to pay and allowances from the date of their muster, or, when previously accepted and placed under orders by authority of this Department, from the date of such acceptance, which should then be indicated on the muster-rolls by the mustering officers.

Where men have been sworn into service and accepted upon inspection prior to such organization their pay and allowances will begin from the date thereof, which should also be noted upon the muster-rolls.

After troops have been mustered the muster-rolls should be forwarded at once to the Adjutant-General, and the mustering officer is authorized to call upon quartermasters and commissaries for their due supplies, transportation, & c., until they are otherwise provided for. No commission will be issued until the muster-rolls are received.

12. Twelve-months' men re-enlisting under the regulations for two years or the war may be mustered into service in companies, battalions, or regiments as soon as the organization thereof is agreed upon, and their period of enlistment and the rank of their officers elected will date from such muster, but the reorganization cannot take effect nor pay begin under such muster until the period prescribed by the regulations.

New volunteers enlisting for three years or the war may be received into such re-enlisted companies, or may form companies with re-enlisted men which may be mustered during their furlough, such muster and reorganization to take effect as above provided.

13. Volunteers or recruits enlisting for three years or the war will receive a bounty of $ 50, payable as soon as they are sworn into service and accepted upon inspection by a medical officer, together with transportation and subsistence from the time and place of enlistment until inspected and mustered.

Persons authorized to receive enlistments may order the men enlisted to rendezvous at an appointed time and may make requisition for their subsistence there until fully organized, but volunteers enlisted by officers commissioned in advance by the President are not entitled to any allowances until organized into companies.

14. The right to receive recruits for three years or the war, to the number of 125, rank and file, has been extended, by acts of Congress, to companies now in service for twelve months, as well as to re-enlisted companies, and to all companies now in service for the war.