War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0822 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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in the same manner as if they had been mustered in at the respective times when they were organized and received by the commissioner or either of said officers; which payments shall be made upon special pay-rolls for that purpose: Provided, That the allowance in lieu of clothing shall be paid only to such of said officers and men as shall have since been or may be mustered into the service, and that none shall be paid who have deserted or disbanded without permission, or have taken sides with the insurrectionists among the Creeks.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the accounts of the acting commissaries and quartermasters of all said troops shall be settled and paid in the same manner as if the troops with or for which they acted had been regularly mustered into the service at the time when they were organized and received; and that the debts incurred or moneys advanced by them be paid by the brigade quartermaster of the brigade commanded by Brigadier Gen. Albert Pike: Provided further, That said accounts shall be also approved by the said brigadier-general, and that the prices paid by them be found by him not to have been excessive or exorbitant and the debts to have been contracted in good faith and the moneys actually advanced.

Approved December 31, 1861.

Consolidated abstract from returns of the Confederate force on or about December 31, 1861.

[Compiled from such returns as are on file in the War Department.]

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men. Aggregate


Army of Northern 4,039 57,859 76,331

Virginia (J. E.


Department of Norfolk 668 10,878 13,451


Army of the Peninsula 775 12,447 16,825


Department of North 611 9,679 12,107

Carolina (Gatlin)

Department of South 1,195 17,186 22,223

Carolina, Georgia,

and Florida a (Lee).

Department of Alabama 788 12,051 16,300

and West Florida


Department No. 1 324 6,636 8,621


Western Department, 3,751 58,702 77,663

or Department No. 2 b

(A. S. Johnston).

Army of the Northwest 605 8,933 11,699


Department of Texas c 175 2,550 3,400


Army of New Mexico d . . . . . . . . .


Missouri State Guard . . . . . . . . .

d (Price)

Department of Indian . . . . . . . . .

Territory d (Pike)

Total 12,931 196,921 258,680


Command. Aggregate Date of return.

present and


Army of Northern 98,050 Dec. 31, 1861.

Virginia (J. E.


Department of Norfolk 15,143 Nov. 30, 1861.


Army of the Peninsula 20,683 Dec. 31, 1861.


Department of North 13,900 Jan., 1962.

Carolina (Gatlin)

Department of South 26,660 Dec. 28 and 31,

Carolina, Georgia, 1861, and Jan. 9,

and Florida a (Lee). 1862.

Department of Alabama 18,075 Dec. 2, 1861, and

and West Florida Jan. 1, 1862.


Department No. 1 8,691 Dec. 31, 1861.


Western Department, 103,999 About Dec. 31,

or Department No. 2 b 1861.

(A. S. Johnston).

Army of the Northwest 17,760 Oct. 31, 1861

(Loring) (latest on file).

Department of Texas c 3,807 Dec., 1861, and

(Hebert) Jan., 1862.

Army of New Mexico d . . .


Missouri State Guard . . .

d (Price)

Department of Indian . . .

Territory d (Pike)

Total 326,768

a The only returns on file for this department are from the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Military Districts, and the District (or Department) of Middle and East Florida.

b No returns are on file for Floyd's and Bowen's brigades, and only the "aggregate present and absent" is reported for Carroll's brigade (4,015) and the volunteers in camp in Tennessee (6,000).

c Returns only for the District of Galveston and the troops on the Lower Rio Grande.

d No returns of an approximate date.