War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0820 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Richmond, December 30, 1861.


Pulaski Hotel, Savannah:

SIR: In reply to your communication of 28th instant I inform you that I accept your propositions with some slight modifications, as follows, viz: First. You are to introduce into some port of the Confederate States the articles (or as many thereof as you can) embraced in the list inclosed and signed by me. Your deliveries are to commence as promptly as possible. Second. You are to purchase these articles on as reasonable terms as you can, and to receive in payment their cost, with 50 per cent. profit and reimbursement of freight, drayage, package, and cost of loading at the port of departure. Third. For freight you will be allowed twice the current rates of freight from the port of loading to the port of Havana for articles of merchandise under neutral flags, say flags of France or England. Fourth. Payment to be made to you on arrival and delivery of cargo in a Confederate port in good order. This Government assumes no risk whatever, but will pay on delivery for the articles received, at the rates above agreed upon, in cotton at current market prices, which cotton you shall be at once at liberty to export for your own account and risk. If you bring your cargo into a port where there is no cotton market, the cotton will be delivered to you at the nearest cotton port to the one you enter. Fifth. The articles purchased by you will be inspected by an officer in our service in Europe, and when once inspected and received by him as satisfactory no further questions of quality will be made unless the articles be damaged in transportation; this damage is at your risk. Sixth. You are to exhibit this contract to some one of our commissioners in Europe, who will designate the officer that will inspect your cargo at its port of loading and furnish you a certificate of his inspection. Seventh. This contract shall cease upon the restoration of peace between the United States and the Confederate States; but this Government will receive and pay for all articles thly shipped under its terms before it shall be publicly announced in the newspapers of France and England that peace has been made.

I am, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.


List referred to in foregoing letter.

One thousand tons saltpeter; 500 tons cannon powder; 100 tons rifle or musket powder; 50,000 rifles or rifled muskets, with bayonets; 5,000 carbines; 5,000 revolving pistols for cavalry; 10,000 sabers for cavalry, with belts; 5,000 sabers for artillerists, with belts; 100 tons of bar steel, assorted sizes, from 1 inch square upward, chiefly small sizes; 500 gross files, assorted sizes, for armorers and finishing purposes; 2,000 gross assorted screws, from 1 1/4 inches up to 2 1/2 inches; 200 carboys nitric acid; 500 carboys sulphuric acid; 100,000 pounds of leather suitable for harness and bridles.


Secretary of War.