War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0817 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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request that you will on to-morrow sail by the steamer Karnak for Nassau, and on your arrival exhibit to Captain Bird this letter as your authority to act in my stead for the Confederate States. Inclosed you have a duplicate of the contract or charter party, by which the steamer Gladiator has been engaged to convey the cargo she now has on board to a port of the Confederate States, and you will consider yourself clothed with all the power in the control of the said steamer and her cargo which I could have if personally present, limited only by the terms of the contract. Captain Bird will willingly co-operate with you in all things necessary to accomplish the important object in vies, I. e., the safe arrival of the steamer and cargo at a Confederate port.

I can give you no instruction as to when, where, or how you are to run the blockade, but leave the matter entirely to your discretion.




LONDON, October 24, 1861.

Mr. Stock, on behalf of himself and friends, agrees to purchase and fit out the steamer Gladiator to proceed to a port in the Confederate States, calling for orders at an intermediate port if required, as may be hereafter agreed upon and signified in writing by Captain Huse to Mr. Stock. Mr. Stock agrees to take out in the Gladiator 500 tons of goods, weight or measurement, to be shipped by Captain Huse or his order, at the rate of $ 8 per ton, with 5 per cent. primage, to be paid in cash upon the sailing of the vessel from London, the remaining room in the ship being at the disposal of the owners.

Captain Huse, on behalf of the Confederate Government, agrees to insure and bear harmless Mr. Stock, on behalf of the parties interested, against loss of the vessel at sea, capture, and the consequences of any attempt thereat, or incident to the running of the blockade, and also while the vessel may remain at her port of arrival in the Confederate States. If within a period of 100 days from the date of sailing of the steamer from her last port she shall not have been heard of in England, it shall be considered that she has been lost at sea, and Mr. Stock shall be entitled to payment as hereinafter detailed of the fixed minimum value thereof, say $ 15,000. In case of arrival it is agreed that the Confederate Government are to have the refusal of the steamer at the price of $ 18,000, and Mr. Stock is to have the option of calling upon the Government to complete her purchase at the price of $ 15,000, being the minimum price herein agreed to by Captain Huse for and on behalf of the Government and as one of the parties to this arrangement.

In the event of a contingency arising under which Mr. Stock is entitled to claim from the Confederate Government, it is agreed that such claim shall forthwith be settled in London by Captain Huse, and shall be payable by his order on Messrs. Fraser, Trenholm & Co. at sight, to be liquidated out of any funds in their hands unappropriated ansuch purpose, or that may afterward become so applicable, either by special remittance or otherwise.

It is agreed that Mr. Stock, on behalf of himself and friends, is to have the privilege of taking cabin passengers for his own account and benefit. It is agreed that Captain Huse has permission to send two gentlemen as cabin passengers, who will act as supercargoes of the