War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0805 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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[DECEMBER 20 1861. - For Crittenden to Cooper, in relation to the organization of troops in East Tennessee, see Series I, VOL. VII, p. 780.]

RICHMOND, VA., December 20, 1861.

Governor LETCHER,

Richmond, Va.:

MY DEAR SIR: I received your note of the 9th instant, with inclosed ordinance of Virginia convention to reorganize the militia, some days ago, but have been obliged to delay replying until I could get some information on the subject. The ordinance in question appears to be an amendment to the militia laws of the State, and although apparently difficult of execution, is but little more so than these latter. If the provisions of the old laws have been carried out the new will not require much additional labor; and notwithstanding the difficulties in the way of executing the ordinance in question, if it can be done much will be gained in the physical condition and term of service of the militia drafted in accordance with its provisions. It does not appear to be intended to interfere with the volunteer system, which has been found efficient and most acceptable to a free and patriotic people. On the contrary, it seemed designed to promote voluntary enlistments. I have had but little time or opportunity for investigating this subject, and do not attach much weight to the impressions, but merely give them for what they are worth.

Very respectfully and truly, yours,


AN ACT to determine the number of members the State of Kentucky shall be entitled to have in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the Confederate States, and in relation to the election and returns thereof.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the State of Kentucky shall be entitled to have in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the Confederate States twelve members.

SEC. 2. These members shall be elected in the manner, at the time, and at the places which have been, or may hereafter be, prescribed by the Legislature of the State, subject to the provisions of the Constonfederate States.

SEC. 3. The persons elected shall be certified by the Governor.

Approved December 21, 1861.

RESOLUTIONS relating to Maryland.

Whereas, the State of Maryland has suffered the same wrongs which impelled these Confederate States to withdraw from the United States, and is intimately associated with these States by geographical situation, by mutual interests, by similarity of institutions, and by enduring sentiments of reciprocal amity and esteem; and

Whereas, it is believed that a large majority of the good people of Maryland earnestly desire to unite their State with the Confederate States, a desire which is proved to exist even by the violent, extraordinary, and tyrannical measures employed by our enemy to restrain the expression thereof; and

Whereas, the Government of the United States, by imprisoning members of the Legislature of Maryland, by establishing powerful