War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0790 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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1st Infantry, Colonel Maxcy Gregg.

12th Infantry, Colonel R. G. M. Dunovant.

13th Infantry, Colonel O. E. Edwards.

14th Infantry, Colonel James Jones.

15th Infantry, Colonel W. D. De Saussure.

1st Rifles, Colonel James L. Orr.

1st Cavalry Battalion (five companies), Lieut. Colonel John L. Black.

Palmetto Artillery (three companies), Major E. B. White.


34th Infantry, Colonel W. M. Churchwell. A

38th Infantry, Colonel R. F. Looney.

39th Infantry, Colonel W. T. Avery.

40th Infantry, Colonel L. M. Walker. A


1st Infantry, Colonel Hugh McLeod. A

4th Infantry, Colonel John B. Hood.

5th Infantry, Colonel J. J. Archer.

7th Infantry, Colonel John Gregg.

4th Cavalry, Colonel James Reily.

5th Cavalry, Colonel Thomas Green.

7th Cavalry, Colonel William Steele.

8th Cavalry, Colonel B. F. Terry.


1st Battalion (four companies), Major J. D. Munford.

Independent companies (artillery and others) not organized into regiments or battalions, 30.


Alabama, 15 regiments, 5 battalions; aggregate, 182 companies.

Arkansas, 2 regiments, 2 battalions; aggregate, 32 companies.

Florida, 1 battalion; aggregate, 6 companies.

Georgia, 23 regiments, 2 legions, 3 battalions; aggregate, 270 companies.

Kentucky, 3 regiments; aggregate, 30 companies.

Louisiana, 11 regiments, 6 battalions; aggregate, 145 companies.

Maryland, 1 regiment; aggregate, 10 companies.

Mississippi, 7 regiments, 3 battalions; aggregate, 90 companies.

North Carolina, 12 regiments; aggregate, 120 companies.

South Carolina, 6 regiments, 2 battalions; aggregate, 68 companies.

Tennessee, 4 regiments; aggregate, 40 companies.

Texas, 8 regiments; aggregate, 80 companies.

Virginia, 1 battalion; aggregate, 4 companies.

Independent companies (artillery and others), 30.

Total, 92 regiments, 2 legions, 23 battalions; aggregate, 1,107 companies; aggregate in regiments, 110 7/10.


Adjutant and Inspector-General.

A RESOLUTION to make an advance to the State of South Carolina on account of her claims against the Confederate States.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do resolve, That the sum of $250, be, and is hereby, appropriated, as an advance on account of any claims of the State of South Carolina upon the Confederate States; and that the same be paid to such person as may be authorized by the Legislature of South Carolina to receive the same.

Approved December 14, 1861.


Richmond, Va. December [14?], 1861.


SIR: My report of the operations of this Department and of the armies in the field must necessarily be very imperfect. My experience

aPart for the war and part for twelve months.