War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0771 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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at 45 cents. I was offered some at 80 cents, never having heard that more had ever been asked. The writer is mistaken as regards reckless purchasing by commissaries of the Confederate States. It is possible that State commissaries, or some traveling body of men, may have on their own account made such purchases. It is respectfully suggested that a copy of this letter be furnished this department, to be forwarded to the chief commissary at Savannah.


Commissary-General of Subsistence.

[DECEMBER 2, 1861.]


According to the legally expressed will of the people, I am present to-day to take the oath and assume the duties prescribed for the Chief Executive of the State of Alabama. Diffident as I well might be at any time to undertake a trust of such large responsibility, now that we are in the midst of momentous events requiring vigilance, fortitude, labor, and skill beyond the ordinary demands of our internal administration, the stoutest heart and wisest intellect might hesitate in view of all the just expectations of the country. But with an unwavering faith in the God of Providence, and humbly invoking His sustaining power and guidance, I shall earnestly address myself to the work before me; and the cheering prospect of a great people, well knowing the inestimable value of liberty, cordially united as brothers in its defense, affords the gratifying assurance that an entire self-consecration to the common cause will at least merit their approbation. In response to many partial friends, whose generous proposals me to announce myself as a candidate for Governor, I declared that, should their preference for me be indorsed by the people, I should enter upon the executive office untrammeled by personal or party combinations, and with no other purpose than to gain the esteem and confidence of the State by the diligence with which I should strive for the maintenance of her every right and the advancements of her every interest. And here on this solemn occasion I renew declaration and these assurances to you, and the sovereign people of Alabama whom you have the honor to represent in the General Assembly. And I am persuaded that the same spirit and purpose animate you, and that amid the clangor of arms, the thunder of artillery, the divisions which sprang out of our former federal relations are ignored, and from these legislative halls shall go forth to rejoice the hearts of a confiding constituency the assured fact that their trusted public servants are emulous only for the achievement of that which will most surely promote the public weal and protect the honor of Alabama. In devising the best means for the attainment of these ends there may arise different of opinion, but as these are the necessary result of independent judgment they will more fully illustrate our patriotic devotion when followed by a hearty acquiescence in those measures which may obtain the legislative sanction. As Alabamians we can have no higher ambition, no loftier aim in this life than to live and labor for this grand Commonwealth of ours.

With almost every variety of soil and climate and product of agriculture, with inexhaustible supplies of all those mineral deposits essential to advancing civilization, with navigable waters of thousand of miles, unsurpassed, if equaled, in their providential arrangements and