War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0767 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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15. All supplies of clothing or other stores for soldiers, hospitals, &c., from private contributions will be transmitted if delivered, properly addressed, to an officer of the Quartermaster's Department; but no person can receive free transportation for the purpose of conveying such articles.

16. All communications from persons in the service must be transmitted through the office of the Adjutant-General, and all communications from subordinates must be duly forwarded through their commanding officer. No offer, of resignation or application for discharge, furlough, &c., and no requisitions will be considered unless so transmitted. All communications from camps should contain, in addition to the specification of the regiment, the name of the post-office to which answer should be addressed.


Acting Secretary of War.



Richmond, Va., November -, 1861.

The following additional instructions in reference to impressments of private property for military purposes are issued for the information and guidance of officers and agents of this department:

1. An officer appointing agents to make the impressments will in all cases furnish such agents written evidence of their authority to act, and agents, whenever required by parties interested, will exhibit the orders or authority under which they are acting.

2. Agents who make impressments will in all cases give to the owner of the property impressed or his agent a certificate stating the character and value thereof, and they will moreover return to the office of the department from whom they derive their authority a statement of all property impressed by them, with the name of the owners. An abstract of these statements will be forwarded to this office by the officers to whom they are returned.

3. Impressments must not be resorted to, except when absolutely demanded by the public necessities, and their burden must be apportioned among the community, so far as may be possible, equally and impartially, having due regard to the means and ability of owners of property.

4. When teams and other property, including slave teamsters, are impressed into the service of the Confederate States, the owners thereof may be compensated by officers of the Quartermaster's Department at the usual rates of hire.

5. When the owners of any property impressed into the public service (slaves excepted) are willing to relinquish the same to the Government, the officers of the Quartermaster's Department may pay the fair appraised value thereof and take up the property in their returns, to be accounted for as other public property.

6. When private property has been duly impressed by order of the commanding officer, and it shall appear by satisfactory evidence to have been expended in the public service, officers of the Quartermaster's Department may pay the fair appraised value thereof, although the property maregularly received and issued by any quartermaster.


Acting Quartermaster-General.