War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0723 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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[NOVEMBER 3, 1861. -For A. S. Johnston to Harris, in relation to troops furnished by the State of Tennessee, see Series I, VOL. IV, p. 505.]

[NOVEMBER 5, 1861. -For Milton to Benjamin, offering to raise two more regiments in Florida, see Series I, VOL. VI, p. 308.]

[NOVEMBER 5, 1861. -For Harris to A. S. Johnston, in relation to troops furnished by State of Tennessee, see Series I, VOL. IV, p. 518.]

RICHMOND, VA., November 6, 1861.

Bishop MEADE, of Virginia:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 4th and 6th instant, in which you ask the discharge of young men in the Army who are candidates for the ministry. While recognizing the importance of your request to the well being of society, I am compelled by the necessities of the public defense to decline to make the proposed exception to the general rule governing the discharge of soldiers.

Very respectfully, yours,



Richmond, Va., November 7, 1861.

Paragraphs IV and V, Army Regulations, published for guidance of the Army, August, 1861, are modified as follows:

IV. Whenever a non-commissioned officer or soldier shall be unfit for military service in consequence of wounds, disease, or infirmity, his captain shall forward through the commander of the regiment or battalion to the brigade commander, or other officer next higher in rank to the commander of the regiment or battalion, a statement of the case, with a "certificate of disability" signed by the medical officer having charge of the invalid, with a recommendation for discharge or furlough, as the case may require; and if the recommendation be approved the authority for discharge or furlough shall be indorsed on the "certificate of disability," which shall then be returned to the commanding officer of the regiment or battalion, who will cause the proper papers to be made out-final statements and discharge in the first case, furloughs and descriptive rolls in the second. The certificate of disability, properly indorsed in case of discharge, will be forwarded by commanding officer to Adjutant and Inspector General.

V. Where invalids are absent from their regiments or companies in hospitals, the surgeon in charge will make out certificates of disability in all cases of disease likely to prove of long continuance and forward them to commanding officer of regiment or battalion to which the invalid belong for reference, as prescribed in preceding paragraph.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Adjutant and Inspector General.