War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0709 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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that the sacred guarantees provided by the Constitution were destined to an early subversion by a purely sectional party, which had for years been rapidly increasing in strength and which had at length acquired the control of the most important departmenment under circumstances which rendered it morally certain that the doctrines of the party, utterly subservice of the political equality of the South, involving the destruction of the rights of its property and carrying with it the social degradation of this people, would at no distant day be carried into practical operation. This conviction was produced by a long series of acts and declarations of an alarming character, which culminated in the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency of the United States. Subsequent events have fully justified the apprehensions of those who adopted the ordinance of secession; have vindicated their conduct, and conclusively demonstrated that secession alone has saved for us the constitution liberty which its was the aim and object of our father to secure. The career of the present Government of the United States has been marked by the grossest aggressions upon the constitutional rights and liberties of the people. President Lincoln, usurping an authority which was designedly withheld by the Convention that framed the Constitution, and at the same time arrogating to himself purely legislative power, soon after his inauguration commenced a war upon the most extended scale upon the seceded States. He has abolished that great bulwark of liberty, the writ of habeas corpus, which was amply secured by the Constitution he was sworn to support. He has overthrown the constitutional authority of the judiciary, even when interposed by the venerable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in behalf of a citizen's outraged liberty. He has in many places subverted the civil by military authority and put the people under the rule of martial law, to be administered by creatures of his own selection. In the States which his armies have invaded, slaves have been seduced from their owners and declared free. By his despotic command the freedom of speech and of the press has been destroyed; newspapers which dared to protest against the overthrow of the consti suppressed; the people, without process of law, have been subjected to searches and seizure in their persons, houses papers, and effects, and, as if to demonstrate that no right was too sacred to be violated and no act of tyranny too gross and revolting to be perpetrated, virtuous and patriotic citizens have been ruthlessly seized and transported to distant place and there incarcerated, and even women, without the forms of law, have been dragged from the domestic altars into imprisonment.

Within a period of eight months all security of life, liberty, and property in the United States has been destroyed, the Constitution has been virtually set aside, and a military despotism has taken the place of the Government which our fathers framed. We may well congratulate ourselves and return thanks to Almighty God that a timely action on our part has saved our liberties, preserved our independence, and given us, it is to be hoped, a perpetual separation from such a Government. May we in all coming time stand separate from it, as if a wall of fire intervened. The secession movement has been successful. Eleven States, with an intelligent, brave, and chivalric population, united in interest by the homogeneous character of their institutions, abounding in all the agricultural and mineral productions necessary to sustain and enrich a people, favored with varied and extensive facilities for manufacturing, traversed by large and