War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0685 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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of five appointed under that article to audit such claims, that it ought, in accordance with the allowances made by the committee, to be distributed among them.

And it was agreed by the said eighth article of the said treaty of the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-six that of the sum of $27,000, provided thereby to be paid to the Cherokee Nation, the sum of $5,000 should be equally divided among all those whose arms were taken from them previous to their removal west, by order of an officer of the United States, and of that sum of $5,000, $3,000 was applied to the payment in part of the proportion of the money borrowed as aforesaid, due by the Western Cherokees or Old Settler party; and as the authorities of the nation declined to receive the residue of said sum of $5,000, it being but $1,700, and that residue never was paid by the United States, and still remains due by them -

Therefore, it is hereby further agreed that the Confederate States will also pay, upon the ratification of this treaty, to the treasurer of the Cherokee Nation, the further sum of $1,700, making, with the said sum of $10,300, the sum of $12,000; and that out of the same the sum of $5,000 shall, by the authorities of the action, be distributed among those persons and their legal representatives whose arms were taken from them as aforesaid; and that any part of that sum finally remaining undistributed, together with the residue of $7,000, shall be used and appropriated in such manner as the national council shall direct.

ART. L. It is hereby further agreed that all claims and demands against the Government of the United States in favor of the Cherokee Nation or any part thereof, or of any individuals thereof, and which have not been satisfied, released, or relinquished, arising or accruing under former treaties, shall be investigated upon the restoration of peace, and be paid by the Confederate States, which do hereby take the place of the United States and assume their obligations in that regard.

ART. LI. It is further agreed between the parties that all provisions of the treaties of the Cherokee Nation with the United States, which secure or guarantee to the Cherokee Nation or individuals thereof any rights or privileges whatever, and the place whereof is not supplied by, and which are not contrary to, the provisions of this treaty, and so far as the same are not obsolete or unnecessary, or repealed, annulled, changed, or modified by subsequent treaties or laws, or by this treaty, are and shall be continued in force, as if made with the Confederate States.

ART. LII. In further evidence of the desire of the Confederate States to advance the individual interests of the Cherokee people, it is further agreed that the Delegate in Congress from the Cherokee Nation may, with the approbation of the President, annually select one youth, a native of the nation, who shall be appointed to be educatry school that may be established by the Confederate States, upon the same terms as other cadets may be appointed. And the Confederate States also agree that the same privilege shall be exercised by the Delegate from the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations and the Creek and Seminole Nations, respectively.

ART. LIII. A general amnesty of all past offenses against the laws of the United States, and of the Confederate States, committed in the Indian country before the singing of this treaty, by any member of the Cherokee Nation, as such membership is defined by this treaty, is