War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0683 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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unimpaired the good faith of the Cherokee Nation to those persons and in regard to those objects for whom and which it has become trustee. And the capital sums aforesaid shall be invested or reinvested with any other moneys hereby guaranteed, after the restoration of peace, in stocks of the States of the Confederate, at their market price, and in such as bear the highest rate of interest, or shall be paid over to the Cherokee Nation after reasonable notice, to be invested by its authorities as its legislature may request. And no department or officer of the Government of the Confederate States shall hereafter have power to impose any conditions, limitations, or restrictions on the payment to the said nation of any [of] said annual sums of interest, or of any arrearage, or in any wise to control or direct the mode in which such moneys when received by the authorities of the nation shall be disposed of or expended.

ART. XLVII. Whereas, by the treaty of the twenty-ninth day of December, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, the United States of America in consideration of the sum of $500,000, part of the sum of $5,000,000 agreed by that treaty to be paid to the Cherokee Nation for the cession of all their lands and possessions east of the Mississippi River, did covenant and agree to convey to the Cherokees and their descendants by patent in fee simple the certain tract of land between the State of Missouri and the Osage reservation, the boundary line whereof it was provided should begin at the southeast corner of the said Osage Reservation and run north along the east line of the Osage lands fifty miles to the northeast corner thereof; thence east to the west line of the State of Missouri; thence with that line south fifty miles, and thence west to the place of beginning, which tract of country was estimated to contain 800,000 acres of land; and

Whereas, the same has been seized and settled upon by lawless intruders from the Northern States, and may become totally lost to the Cherokees:

Now, therefore, it is further hereby agreed between the parties to this treaty that incase the said tract of country should be ultimately lost to the Cherokees by the chances of war, or terms of a treaty of peace or otherwise, the Confederate States of America do assure and guarantee to the Cherokee Nation the payment therefor of the said sum of $500,000, with interest thereon at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum from the said twenty-ninth day of December, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, and will either procure the payment of the same by the United States or pay the same out of their own Treasury after restoration of peace.

ART. XLVIII. At the request of the authorities of the Cherokee Nation, and in consideration of the unanimity and promptness of their people in responding to the call of the Confederate States for troops, and of their want of means to engage in any works of public utility and general benefit, or to maintain in successful operation their made and female seminaries of learning, the Confederate States do hereby agree to advance to the said Cherokee Nation immediately after the ratification of this treaty on account of the said sum to be paid for the said lands mentioned in the preceding article the sum of $15,000, to be paid to the treasurer of the nation and appropriated in such manner as the Legislature may direct; and to hold in their hands as invested for the benefit of the said nation the further sum of $50,000, and to pay to the treasurer of said nation interest thereon annually on the 1st day of July in each year, at the rate of 6 per