War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0674 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Cherokee country, shall be considered as intruders, and be removed and kept out of the same either by the civil officers of the nation under the direction of the Executive or Legislature or by the agent of the Confederate States for the nation, who shall be authorized to demand, if necessary, the aid of the military for that purpose; with the following exceptions only, that to say: Such individuals with their families as may be in the employment of the Government of the Confederate States; all persons peaceably traveling, or temporarily sojourning in the country, or trading therein under license from the proper authority, and such persons as may be permitted by the legislative authority of the Cherokee Nation to reside within its limits without becoming members of the said nation.

ART. XIII. A tract of two sections of land in the said nation, to be selected by the President of the Confederate States, or such officer or person as he may appoint, in conjunction with the authorities of the Cherokee Nation, at such a point as they may deem most proper, is hereby ceded to the Confederate States, for the purpose of an agency; and when selected shall be within their sole and exclusive jurisdiction, expected as to offenses committed therein by one member of the Cherokee Nation against the person or property of another member of the same: Provided, That whenever the agency shall be discontinued, the tract so selected therein shall revert to the said nation, with all the buildings that may be thereupon: And provided also, That the President, conjointly with the authorities of the nation, may at any time select, in lieu of said reserve, any unoccupied tract of and in the nation, and in any other part thereof, not greater in extent than two sections, as a site for the agency of the nation, which shall in such case constitute the reserve, and that first selected shall thereupon revert to the Cherokee Nation.

ART. XIV. The Confederateve the right to built, establish, and maintain such forts and military posts, temporary or permanent, and such military and post roads as the President may deem necessary in the Cherokee country; and the quantity of one mile square of land, including each fort or post, shall thereby vest as by cession in the Confederate States and be within their sole and exclusive jurisdiction, except as to offenses committed therein by members of the Cherokee Nation against the persons or property of other members of the same, so long as such fort or post is occupied; but no greater quantity of land beyond one mile square shall be used or occupied, nor any greater quantity of timber felled than of each is actually requisite; and if in the establishment of such fort, post, or road, or of the agency, the property of any individual member of the Choctaw [Cherokee] Nation, other than land, timber, stone, and earth, he taken, destroyed, or impaired, just and adequate compensation shall be made by the Confederate States.

ART. XV. No persons shall settle or raise stock within the limits of any post or fort or of the agency reserve, except such as are or may be in the employment of the Confederate States in some civil or military capacity, or much as, being subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the Cherokee Nation, are permitted by the commanding officer of the fort or post to do so thereat, or by the agent to do so upon the agency reserve.

ART. XVI. An agent of the Confederate States for the Cherokee Nation and an interpreter shall continue to be appointed, both of whom shall reside at the agency. And whenever a vacancy shall occur in either of the said offices the authorities of the nation shall be