War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0670 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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rights, privileges and immunities, titles and guaranties with each of said nations and tribes under treaties made with them by the United States of America; and the Cherokee Nation of Indians having assented thereto upon certain terms and conditions:

Now, therefore the said Confederate States of America, by Albert Pike, their commissioner, constituted by the President, under authority of the act of Congress in that behalf, with plenary powers for these purposes, and the Cherokee Nation, by the principal chief, executive council, and commissioners aforesaid, has agreed to the following articles, that is to say:

ARTICLE I. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship, and an alliance, offensive and defensive, between the Confederate States of America and all of their States and people, and the Cherokee Nation and all the people thereof.

ART. II. The Cherokee Nation of Indians acknowledges itself to be under the protection of the Confederate States of America, and of no other power or sovereign whatever; and does hereby stipulate and agree with them that it will not hereafter contract any alliance, or enter into any compact, treaty, or agreement with any individual, State, or with a foreign power; and the said Confederate States do hereby assume and accept the said protectorate, and recognize the said Cherokee Nation as their ward; and by the consent of the said nation now here freely given, the country whereof it is proprietor in fee, as the same is hereafter described, is annexed to then Confederate States in the same manner and to the same extent as it was annexed to the United States of America before that Government was dissolved, with such modifications, however, of the terms of annexation, and upon such conditions as are hereinafn addition to all the rights, privileges, immunities, titles, and guaranties with or in favor of the said nation, under treaties made with it, and under the statutes of the United States of America. And in consequence of the obligations imposed on the Cherokee people by this article, it is agreed on the part of the Confederate States that they will not at any time enter into any compact, treaty, or agreement with any individuals or party in the Cherokee Nation, but only with the constitutional authorities of the same, that will in any way interfere with or affect any of them national rights of the Cherokee people.

ART. II. The Confederate States of America, having accepted the said protectorate, hereby solemnly promise the said Cherokee Nation never to desert or to abandon it, and that under no circumstances will they permit the Northern States or any other enemy to overcome them and sever the Cherokees from the Confederacy; but that they will, at any cost and all hazards, protect and defend them and maintain unbroken the ties created by identity of interests and institutions, and strengthened and made perpetual by this treaty.

ART. IV. The boundaries of the Cherokee country shall forever continue and remain the same as they are defined by letters patent thereof and remain the same as they are defined by letters patent thereof given by the United States to the Cherokee Nation on the thirty-first day of December, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, which boundaries are therein defined as follows:

Beginning at a mound of rocks four feet square at base, and four and a half feet high, from which another mound of rocks bears south one chain, and another mound of rocks bears west one chain, on what has been denominated the old western territorial line of Arkansas Territory, twenty-five miles north of Arkansas River; thence south