War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0659 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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ARTICLES OF A CONVENTION, entered into and concluded at Park Hill, in the Cherokee Nation, on the fourth day of October, A. D. one thousand eighth hundred and sixty-one, between the Confederate States of America, by Albert Pike, their commissaries, with full powers, appointed by the President, by virtue of an act of the Congress in that behalf, of the one part, and the Quapaw tribe of Indians, by its chiefs and warriors, who have signed these articles, of the other part.

ARTICLE I. The Quapaw tribe of Indians, and all the persons thereof, do hereby place themselves under the laws and protection of the Confederate States of America, in peace and in war, forever and agree to be true and loyal to them under all circumstances.

ART. II. The Confederate States of America do hereby promise and firmly engage themselves to be, during all time, the friends and protectors of the Quapaw tribe of Indians, and to defend and secure them in the enjoyment of all their rights; and that they will not allow them henceforward to be in any wise troubled or molested by any power or people, State, or person whatever.

ART. III. The Confederate States of America do hereby assure and guarantee to the Quapaw tribe of Indians the exclusive and undisputed possession, use, and occupancy, during all time, as long as grass shall grow and water run, of the country heretofore secured to them by treaty with the United States of America, and which is described in the treaty of the thirteenth day of May, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, as follows, that is to say: "One hundred and fifty sections of and, west of the State of Missouri, and between the lands of the Senecas and Shawnees, not heretofore assigned to any other tribe of Indians; " and as the same was afterward selected and assigned to said Quapaw tribe, and is now held and occupied by them, which lands shall not be sold or ceded by said tribe, nor shall any part thereof, to any nation or people, expect to the Confederate States, nor to any individuals whatever, except as hereinafter provided, and the same shall vest in the Confederate States in case the said tribe becomes extinct or abandons the same.

ART. IV. The right is hereby reserved to the Confederate States to select in any unoccupied part of said country, if they shall desire to do so, a tact of land one mile square, as a reserve and site for an agency for the said, tribe, which shall revert to the said tribe, with all the buildings thereon, whenever it shall cease to be occupied for an agency.

ART. V. The Confederate States shall have the right to establish in the said country such forts and military posts an they may deem necessary, and shall have the right to select for each such fort or post a tract of land one mile square, on which such fort or post shall be established: Provided, That if any person have any improvements on any tract so selected, the value of such improvements shall be paid by the Government to the owner thereof.

ART. VI. No person whatever shall be permitted to settle or reside upon the agency reserve, when it shall have been selected, expect by permission of the agent; nor upon any reserve for a fort or military post, expect by the permission of the commanding officer; and every such reserve for forts or military posts shall be within the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Confederate States.

ART. VII. The Confederate States hereby agree that the country hereby secured to the said tribe shall never be included within the bounds of any State or Territory, nor shall of any State of Territory ever be extended over, or put in force within, any